Alden x Self Edge x Leather Soul Boot

Self Edge, Leather Soul and Alden all come from very different places but with very similar philosophies around quality and heritage. The combination of the 3 results in this great natural chromexcel version of... Read
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Roy's Jeans "The Cone Mills Project"

Roy Slaper of Roy's Jeans is literally a one man show when it comes to his denim company and now he is back with "The Cone Mills Project." The project consists of a set of jeans made of custom fabric from Con... Read
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Self Edge x Ken Haught Pocket-Knives

Self Edge has collaborated with Ken Haught (a retired cowboy from Arizona) to create a set of pocket knives. The knives are knapped by Haught with flint and inlaid with wood or elk antlers that he collects hi... Read
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Self Edge Bracelets

Self Edge has released some new designs all handmade by Jeanette Dale (an experienced Navajo silversmith.) The pieces are constructed in the native Navajo style utilizing traditional methods and materials inclu... Read