C.E Fall/Winter 2012 Collection Eyewear

Having featured the debut season of C.E in THE NEW ORDER, I am a big admirer of the brand and the people behind it. Watching C.E develop is one to appreciate and this latest release exemplifies the evolution of... Read

C.E Autumn/Winter 2102 Collection Video

C.E AW 2012 from c.e on Vimeo. The team at C.E, including Sk8thing, Hishi and Toby Feltwell, have put together this impressive video showcasing the autumn/winter 2012 collection. The eclectic collection is hi... Read

C.E Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The most recent issue of Jocks & Nerds has featured an in depth editorial on the C.E Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. With Sk8thing's latest venture attracting a lot of positive attention of late, it is great... Read
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C.E x Gypsy Three Orchestra Collection

G3OSTORE scheduled to open in March for only a month in Shibuya, Tokyo will be releasing these special collaboration tees between the new brand C.E, the brainchild of SK8THING and Gypsy Three Orchestra, a new ... Read
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HUMAN MADE Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Continuing where they stopped off both NIGO and Sk8thing continue a good thing with the HUMAN MADE Fall/Winter 2011 Collection really impressing. Taking inspiration from numerous elements of Americana includin... Read
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‘COLDCOFFEE’ NIGO’s New Store in Tokyo

Built to house the new collaborative label between Nigo and Sk8thing, Human Made, COLDCOFFEE is the brands first flagship store. The space opened to the public last week and is an eclectic and vintage look at... Read