SSDD Has Motor City Burning

This new Fall/Winter 2015 Collection from Erik Brunetti's SSDD is entitled Motor City Burning - inspired by the 60's and 70's Michigan rock bands. MC5 and Sonic's Rendezvous. MC5 was politically influenced... Read
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We've previewed this Tote Bag from Erik Brunetti's SSDD before, the bag is now available for sale through Fuct's online store. Available in 3 different colours and featuring Brunetti's signature illustrations... Read
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FUCT SSDD Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Here's our first look at Erik Brunetti's SSDD collection for 2011 Spring/Summer. The brand has grown immensely since its inception a few seasons back, and now showcases Brunetti's knowledge, skill and influ... Read
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FUCT SSDD Custom Hooded Fleece

SSDD has just released their custom hooded fleece and it looks grand as ever. Obviously everything Erik Brunetti does is a favorite of ours here at SlamxHype and these hoodies are no different. They have util... Read
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FUCT SSDD Okayama Selvedge Denim

Pulling their denim sources from Okayama, Japan's most superior location for the quality denim fabric,  SSDD (Sam Shit Different Day) release their Okayama Selvedge Denim style,s which we are loving here at S... Read