Street Fighter IV

As much as I’d like to believe that most Asian stereotypes are true, I fall short in several categories. Math is my kryptonite, I’m not a doctor, and my video game skills are severely handicapped. But to put one of my fears to rest and prove my gaming self worth, I ventured over to the Geffen Contemporary to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter video game. By 7pm, which was the suggested press call time, I had the overwhelming feeling I was already late. The lines, filled to the brim with die-hard fans, were longer than long. But those who were game enough to brave the cold and the wait were rewarded with over a hundred gaming consoles to play from, exclusive freebies and a sneak preview of the highly anticipated Street Fighter IV, the first Street Fighter game to debut in over a decade


Once inside, fans got to mingle and fawn over gaming legend Yoshi Ono, developer of the new Street Fighter IV, actor Zachary Levi, and Chris Klein and Michael Clarke Duncan, stars of the new film: Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li.


Long lines, a cash bar and a bad choice of footwear cut my evening short. And though I only won three out of ten matches, I’d like to think that no else did any better. After all, there’s always some gaming nerd waiting in the wings to kick your ass all over that small screen


Sagat and Blanka

Sagat and Blanka