Suburban Bliss

Suburban Bliss is an independent clothing label based and started in London. It began in Suburban London in Toby Shuall’s parent’s house but was conceived in Northern California, where Shuall lived as a Pro skater. The company itself is inspired and influenced by nature, music,art, friendship, love, dreams and independence from the ever increasingly controlled world that we live in. While the clothing mainly features the work of Shuall, others like Nicola Pecoraro, Fergadelic, French, Jethro Haynes, Nik Taylor and Simon Peplow have contributed images and designs. Suburban Bliss is available in a number of retailers around the world and also online at the newly launched Do Be Do website. Here’s an exclusive look through Suburban Bliss latest collection, Toby is also the newest blogger to be added to the ever impressive list of bloggers here at Slam X Hype. stay tuned for his blog.