Maya Hayuk Paints the Bowery & Houston Wall

The latest artist to be commissioned to paint the evolving art wall at Houston and Bowery in New York is Brooklyn-based painter Maya Hayuk. Taking over from Swoon (and a heavily bombed wall courtesy of anony... Read
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Swoon’s Musical Architecture for New Orleans

Kickstarter is an amazing platform, and if you have a great idea I couldn't recommend it enough... I haven't tried it myself, but have friends who have achieved their goals and done very well from the assista... Read
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Swoon “Thalassa” Installation

Swoon has presented an incredible new installation which is now on view at the New Orleans Museum of Art. The large scale installation entitled “Thalassa” is located in the museum’s great hall and is made mos... Read
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SWOON Video Interview

ACCLAIMmag has presented a nice video catching up with New York-based artist Swoon as she sets up for her solo exhibition at the Metro Gallery in Melbourne, Australia. SWOON tells of her recent move to New Yo... Read
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SWOON Exhibition at Metro Gallery

Swoon has been working on the streets of New York City for over 10 years, creating large scale paste-ups of the every day inhabitants of the Big Apple. She uses traditional print making techniques to reprodu... Read
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Callie Curry AKA Swoon | TEDxBrooklyn Video

Swoon(Callie Curry) was invited to speak at TEDxBrooklyn back in December. She discusses her work and her alter-ego Swoon. It shows a continuing trend from TED of interest in street art. Source: Curated.... Read