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THE CHANCE | Global Finals – Brian Iloski

Nike introduces Brian Iloski - one of the sixteen young players to make it through to the final stages of THE CHANCE. Brian's motto during the finals is to keep calm and carry on - the Global Finals are a l... Read

THE CHANCE | Global Finals: Bryan Windsor

With The Chance Global Finals underway in Barcelona, Nike are introducing a number  of finalists to us in short videos filmed while the players are in the Spanish city. Bryan Windsor is the latest finalist ... Read

THE CHANCE | Global Finals – Johnatan Lama

From Bogota to Florida to Barcelona, Johnatan Lama's journey is one of sacrifice and hunger. The young footballer is the latest to give his story as he makes it through to the Global Finals of The Chance in B... Read
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THE CHANCE | Kirsten Luce Interview

Kirsten Luce is a photojournalist living in New York City. A regular contributor to the New York Times, Kirsten has also had her work commissioned by and published in some of the country's top news publications... Read

THE CHANCE | Finalist Profile: Josselin Possian

The latest finalist in Nike's THE CHANCE initiative is 19-year old Josselin Possian, who plays for Bethesda Internationals, Bell HS. Nike are searching the world for up and coming young football players and giv... Read