Thom Browne

Founder: Thom Browne
Founded: New York City, USA in 2001
Location: New York City, USA

About Thom Browne

Thom Browne is an American clothing designer who founded its personal menswear label in 2006. Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1965, Thom Browne got his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame majoring in economics. After graduation, Mr. Browne moved to New York City with a job offer as a sale associate from Georgia Armani’s showroom. Later in his career, he was also employed at Club Monaco where he developed his creativity and unique perceptions about men’s sportswear by leading the design department and working closely with Ralph Lauren, a famous American fashion design legend.

Mr. Browne launched his own men’s clothing brand with the notion of presenting broad acceptance of business casual in lieu of formal attire in the market. A Thom Browne signature design is identical in terms of its structure and fit. The suits include flat front pants with exposed ankles and a jacket that features mid-wrist with the backside uncovered. They almost always have three buttons, narrow lapels rolled to the middle button, side vents, and trouser without belt loops. Thom Browne is best known for wearing suits in a range of charcoal-grey colors, paired with a tie cut from the same fabric, a silver tie clip, a white button down shirt, and black leather dress shoes. Mr. Browne was recognized as the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Menswear Designer of the Year in March 2006 and named the GQ Designer of the Year in November 2008.