5 Minutes With: Alexia Hentsch of Hentsch Man

On day one of London Collections: MEN last week (Sunday, June 15), Alexia Hentsch and her London-based label Hentsch Man delivered a stylistic ode to cigar smoke, glasses of rum and games of dominos - a story o... Read
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'Planet Monocle' | NY Mag Interview Tyler Brule

In an industry where we are obsessed over the battle between web and print, one man stands out ensuring Print is as strong as ever, and creating a publication which transposes medium and in turn has created its... Read
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Tyler Brule Interviews Tyler Brule

Founder of Wallpaper, and probably better known as the man behind the ever popular Monocle, Tyler Brule over recent years has gained almost celebrity status amongst young professional males. The Globetrotting... Read