Founder: Eddie Cruz and James Bond
Founded: Los Angeles, CA, USA in 2002
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA

About Undefeated

Undefeated is one of the most recognized and well-edited sneaker boutiques around the globe that it is guaranteed that you can find whatever you want from the newest releases to the most highly anticipated limited editions. After travelling to Japan, Eddie Cruz and his partner James Bond were overwhelmed by the market and fashion culture there where they found sneakers manufactured by the major brands that they had never seen before in the US market. Thus, they came to a consensus to build a dedicated sneaker shop carrying high scale and exclusive sneakers in order to make access to every customer in the US. Undefeated was created based on the sports culture from an urban perspective that provides an environment that can be related to in terms of music, art, and people in the street fashion industry. After collaborating with Nike, Adidas, Converse, Puma, New Balance, and etc., Undefeated started its own apparel design collection lines by the influences of street and military culture, promoting inspirational lifestyles. The other unique facet about the store of Undefeated is its giant outdoor billboard in the La Brea chapter, Los Angeles, sponsored by Nike. The billboard project is changed periodically and featured with different artists to not only market the brand, but also educate people about the street culture as well as leading by example. By far, Undefeated has opened its doors in Los Angeles area, Las Vegas, and Japan with total 5 chapter stores.