Puma x UNDFTD Coverblock Clydes

The latest in the continual collaboration efforts between Puma and UNDFTD may be the finest to date. For the first time ever the classic Puma Clyde is introduced to an toe cap elevating an already outstanding... Read
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UNDFTD San Francisco Chapter Exclusive Release

To celebrate the opening of yet another UNDFTD Chapter location now in San Francisco the crew will release an special mark up of their continual collaboration with Converse of the Poorman Weapons, which are e... Read
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UNDFTD San Francisco Store

Renowned California based brand and sneaker boutique Undefeated are set to open there latest store, with a new space in San Francisco. Having made a name for themselves with a unique concept which really put t... Read
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UNDFTD Sneaker Accessories

Undefeated ensure that they are simply the world's most prolific one stop shop for Sneaker Culture. This Friday July 1st will see the release of this special selection of Sneaker Accessories, included are laces... Read
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Geoff McFettridge for UNDFTD Tees

Bringing together two of Southern California's finest, an all new capsule collection of tees created by Los Angeles based graphic designer and visual artist, Geoff McFettridge, for LA's premier sneaker store,... Read