Unlike is the urban, zeitgeisty online city publication, tailored to suit individual needs with its up-to-date, mobile capabilities. Access quintessential information regarding the most influential locations and events the city has to offer. With the touch of a finger, you’re automatically engaged with unlike, whenever and wherever you need it.

Lost in translation? By clicking on "Locate me", the radar-like destination device, the user finds most relevant recommendations, including maps, arranged in relation to his location.

"Mytour" allows any user to relay an individual discovery—to compose, then save realizations online, and to share them with their internationally based entourage. Selected locations, shops, restaurants, events and recommendations are compiled into a personal tour, ready for use on any mobile device. features mobile versions of the unlike website, with optimized design and mechanics, for simple and straightforward use on Apple’s iPhone, or any other mobile device. is the first in a series of unlike publications. has already scheduled launches in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Vienna, and New York City.

This is without a doubt one of the coolest new sites I have found this year, keep an eye out for further launch locations and updates.