Founder: Ed Viberg
Founded: Shellbrook, Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1930
Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

About Viberg

Viberg Work boots were founded on the principle of durability and comfort for the consumer, gaining the company a solid reputation with loggers in Canada at the time of the company’s founding. The family business evolved over the course of the 20th century, creating lines of biker and western boot, both of which gave the company short spells of ‘pop’ success throughout the 1980’s. The hand created boots focus on using the best materials for the job, and thus the company prides itself on being the first in the industry to use screw-in, replaceable caulks on its boots. 218 steps are taken in the preparation of the company’s boots, an attention to detail which has recently engaged the streetwear market. In 2009, President Glen Viberg stated: “We have had the opportunity to refine our quality and attention to detail by stepping more into the fashion market”. Using a Japanese design team the company has refined many of its silhouettes for this collection and have engaged more contemporary styling. In a market where Adam Kimmel recently launched his Spring/Summer 2010 ‘Western’ inspired collection, and streetwear pioneer Visvim maintains organic form and durability to be of the up most importance, it seems the timing is perfect for Viberg to enter the market. The recently launched scout boot seems reminiscent in design to the Visvim Hiker boot also, suggesting that Viberg sees itself as a leader of the footwear market in the future. Furthermore a collaboration with Neighbourhood, took the darker colourway associated with the biker brand and replicated this into a Canadian heritage style boot, suggesting again how Viberg are not afraid to make their mark on prominent brands in the market. Furthermore, with a collaboration with illustrious menswear online sellers oki-ni expected shortly, the question must be asked whether despite appearing to be making smart business moves at the moment, can the brand can last as long in the contemporary footwear market as it has done elsewhere.