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John Smedley x WTAPS V-Neck Knitwear

John Smedley are renowned for quality presented in a refined and defining way, and this latest collaboration with WTAPS makes for welcoming news. The Japanese label apply themselves to the v-neck design with so... Read
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Clarks x WTAPS Desert Boots

First introduced as a military standard issue for the British Army during WWII desert campaigns, the shoe makes for a great canvas for this project between Clarks and WTAPS. Renowned for their affinity towards ... Read

raregem x WTAPS Tote Bag

Japanese label WTAPS have teamed up with compatriots and bag enthusiasts raregem on this simple but very effective tote bag. Defined by a concept of "pure and simple," the tote bag features a high quality canva... Read
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In Conversation with Tetsu Nishiyama

HAVEN recently sat down with Tetsu Nishiyama, founder and designer of Japanese brands WTAPS and Forty Percent Against Rights®. During the interview, Nishiyama speaks candidly about his beginnings as a designer,... Read