The SASQUATCHfabrix ‘Two Virgins’ Tee

Admittedly, John and Yoko have been done to death through years of appearing on branded paraphernalia, but there's something about this long-sleeved t-shirt from SASQUATCHfabrix which retains a certain appeal. ... Read
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threeASFOUR Yoko Ono Performance Video

Here is a first look at threeASFOUR Yoko Ono 2010 video, taken behind the scenes of their "Cut Piece Reinterpretation" performance shown at The Textile Museum, Washington DC. With the original film being show... Read
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Yoko Ono "Das Gift" Installation

A look at Yoko Ono’s latest installation artwork, Das Gift, showing at Berlin’s Haunch of Venison, the artist takes the viewer down a passage to freedom, inviting them to actively engage in the work. The them... Read
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Art Take Over in New York City

For the month of January, 500 lighted up billboard 'cones' on the tops of New York cabs will feature art instead of advertising. Show Media, a Las Vegas company that owns about half the cones adorning New Yor... Read