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Zebra Katz “Lst Ctrl” Video

New York's Zebra Katz recently premiered a new video for the track "Lst Ctrl", a standout from his self-released EP Drklng. Directed by British filmmaker Matthew Donaldson, the video offers a close up look at t... Read

Zebra Katz – “DRKLNG” Mixtape

  "Ima Read" had everyone from Rick Owens to your local post-everything hipster screaming his name, Zebra F**KIN Katz but since we're only been treated to a few glimpse of the man until now. We are fina... Read
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POST NEW | Zebra Katz Interview

"Zeeeeeeeeeebra Fuckingggggggggg Katzzzzzzzzzzz" croons the vocoder at the start of ‘IMA READ’, right before the pulsing bassline and deliciously menacing vocals kick in on this year’s most addictive undergroun... Read