CLOT x adidas ZX Flux

CLOT x adidas ZX Flux

Inspired by Hong Kong’s famous red, white, blue color scheme that is found on fabrics throughout the city, CLOT has teamed up with adidas Consortium on a special pair of ZX Flux that represents their local root... Read

The adidas Originals ZX Flux 9000 Weave

This re-imagining of an adidas colorway from seasons past serves as a head nod to the strong adidas Originals following. With a scheme introduced in 1989, this ZX Flux mimics the colors of it's predecessors. Bu... Read

SlamXWeekly: Back To School

The writers and editors at SlamXHype spend their whole lives on the Internet, grinding their keyboards into dust as they scour the vast reaches of the digified world to find the coolest shit around. Some of ... Read