Why is everyone so crazy over Hulu? Apart from being a cord-cutting streaming service, Hulu also hosts some amazing shows you won’t be able to watch anywhere else. Yes! Hulu has an exclusive content library with globally popular shows and movies they won’t share with anyone else, like The Handmaid’s tale, the Accident, and more. 

With everything turning smart, there is no way your Hulu subscription doesn’t have some hidden secrets for you. That’s exactly why we want to ensure you make the most of your Hulu account. 

Therefore without further ado, let’s look at the 10 Top tips and tricks on Hulu.

Tap into all Hulu libraries

Hulu is available in two countries now, The Us and Japan. With an impeccable library and exclusive content, you can not watch these shows or movies outside their specific region. But why waste your Hulu subscription? Make the most out of your account. Hulu Japan has animes and Japanese and Korean shows you can watch on your Hulu in the US. Well, don’t sit out of the fun. Get yourself a VPN that can bypass the geo-limitation of Hulu and watch Hulu Japan from anywhere. If you are wondering whether this is legal or not, well, using VPNs is legal, and you can use them for streaming.

Keep track of your new episodes with the watchlist

Sulking over missed episodes of your favorite show is a tale as old as time. But, with Hulu being a cord-cutting streaming platform, why wait and waste your time? If you have a Hulu live subscription, just use the watchlist feature to add it to your list. No alarms, no reminders, just a simple click, and you will be, alerted when the new episode airs. Easy peasy, right?

Customize your subtitles

Customization is always good. It is unique and fun; you can alter it to your liking. If you too want to enjoy the ever-green french movies or old-school American classics, then subtitles are your best friends, and Hulu lets you alter them to your liking.

Many times, it is dark. Want to know how? 

Here are the steps. Just simply open settings and head to the Subtitles and Captions menu.

Now drag the bar to play with the color, size, and font that is easiest for you to track and read. 

Customize your ads

Ads are the absolute worst, and ads that we don’t like seem to last for an eternity. Well, there is no way around not getting ads if you are subscribed to Ad-supported Hulu. Well, the next best thing is picking the Ad you like. Select the Ad selector tool and pick between advertisements you can bear to sit through.

Turn your phone into a remote

Ditch your old-school remotes and carry everything your need where ever you go. Instead, turn your handy dandy smartphone into a remote, and searching will be a breeze just like that. Simply download the Hulu app and type your desired titles easily, then with just a push of the button, start playing it.

Watch Hulu on multiple devices

If you have a Hulu + Live tv subscription, unfortunately, that subscription comes with its only restrains. When viewing it, you can only watch Hulu in a single location and a single home. If you are traveling and want to enjoy Hulu on the go, you would need to trick the Hulu location detector, as Hulu is unavailable outside of the US.

Consider a bundle

Hulu is a popular streaming site. The platform has multiple streaming packages and includes bundles with a shockingly low price tag. For example, Disney Plus, Oxygen TV, or the popular sports show ESPN. You can enjoy more channels and videos with exclusive shows and movies on Hulu. Isn’t that a bundle of joy? 

Pause your subscription

Hulu is a superior streaming site. Whereas most platforms either offer a cancel and subscribe option, Hulu also gives you an option to pause your subscription. Yes! If you are heading out on vacation, you won’t be able to watch Hulu anywhere since it is geo-locked. 

Why pay when you aren’t streaming?

Just pause your subscription, and you won’t be handed a monthly bill. In addition, you can pause your account for a total of 12 weeks. How cool is that?

We say very cool and pocket-friendly.

Keep your watch history clean

Everyone has a certain taste in shows and movies, and one of the worst things that can happen to your account is a messed-up search algorithm. We often tap into titles to surf if it’s to our liking or not. Unfortunately, we unknowingly alter our preferences in shows and movies by letting them sit in our watch history. The easiest fix to the problem is, clearing your search bar. Removing unwanted shows lets the Hulu AI directly compact your search and preferences. 

Download shows to watch offline

One of the best features available on Hulu is offline surfing. Unfortunately, Hulu is unavailable in many regions. If you are traveling outside of the region, you can still catch up on your favorite shows and movies. Just download your shows and movies in the offline feature and start watching Hulu from anywhere. 

So, that’s all we have up our sleeves. Hulu account allows you to customize and self-select your features and their properties. Try one of our tricks and let us know if it worked for you.