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Think it’s time to sell your house, but aren’t certain about your next move? If some of these 10 reasons apply to you, perhaps you need to think about moving home…

Deciding to up sticks and move to a new home can be daunting, and is no light decision to make. Your current home will probably have a lot of memories attached to it. That said, perhaps a new way of life is the next step for you and your family?

Whether you require a conveyancing lawyer in Boston, Bristol or Birmingham to move to a city, or want to head to the country of New Forest, Cornwall, or rural Wales, it’s really up to you. The real question is, are you ready to leave your current home to pursue this new lifestyle?

This article should help you to answer that question. We will be providing you with 10 signs that show you’re ready to sell your home and move elsewhere. We hope this helps you to make this all-important decision…

You’re Outgrowing the House

The main reason many people will choose to sell their house and move somewhere new is due to the simple case of building a family. Your first home is normally the one that you buy to get yourself on the property ladder. But, it’s often too small for more than one or two children.

So, if you’re looking to keep building your family, or want to treat the kids to a room for themselves, selling your house is a no-brainer.

To add to this, many young couples will choose to live somewhere urban at first, due to job opportunities and their social life. But, as life moves on, and the kids start to grow up, priorities change. This can lead many parents to head to more suburban areas, with better schools, cleaner air, and a better quality of life.

You’re Pondering a New Lifestyle

Alternatively, you might be in the opposite boat in that your children have all flown the nest, and you have no need for such a large living space. Your huge garden, which once enjoyed many summers of children running rampant, might start to feel echoey and empty. What’s more, the numerous bedrooms might end up just being a space for clutter.

If this is the case, and there’s really no chance that your children might need to move back in at any point, why not move? You can hopefully sell your home to make a profit, and head somewhere more affordable and fit for purpose.

Your Accessibility Needs Have Changed

To add to this, if you’re nearing retirement or you have an accident, you might need to rethink the accessibility of your home. Most residential properties are not equipped for anyone in a wheelchair, or with other movement difficulties. So, if this is what the new chapter of your life looks like, buying a home to fit your needs is paramount for ease of life.

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If the Timing is Right

Before you take the plunge, and immediately put your home on the market, you need to question whether it’s the right time. This will mainly fall down to what the market is looking like for sellers currently, due to the season and the current economy.

In terms of seasons, spring is usually the best time to sell. This tends to be the pattern, as people are usually away on their holidays or caring for children during summer, and preparing for Christmas celebrations during the colder months. What’s more, homes tend to do better during this time, as the spring blooms make houses and gardens look much more appealing.

Autumn is usually the next best time to sell, as the seasonal leaves and glaring sunlight can make your home look really pretty too. That said, during this time, the market usually slows pretty quickly; come October, it’s likely to dry up. So, you’ll have to work pretty quickly in order to find a buyer.

Things have changed a lot, what with COVID shutting down the property business during the springtime. This means there has been a huge uptake of home sales during the Autumn months, which might create a backlog during 2021. The question is whether the usual pattern will resume, post-COVID, or if we should wait for a shift in timing to become apparent. We can only wait and see…

You Have a New Property to Live in

When looking to sell a property, it’s important that you have a new property in mind before you put your house on the market. Because of the property chain, you have to rely on the people who own the property you want to buy to make a move before you can. By choosing a property to move into, and getting the paperwork and everything sorted for that, you can then be sure you can sell your house on.

Working from Home is Now an Option

The working world is extremely competitive, which means many people struggle to find accessible work outside of the major UK cities. This has previously meant that people will choose a house based on the proximity to work.

That said, COVID-19 has completely flipped the job market, meaning most people can do their job from anywhere! This means that more people might be looking to move due to a lack of necessity to remain where they are. For those country broads, moving into the wilderness is now a feasible option.

To add to this, the new permanence of working from home means many people might be looking for a home with a little more space for a home office. Whatever the reason, the pandemic has certainly changed peoples’ home priorities.

You Fancy a Change of Scenery

Following a similar vein, some people might grow tired of their busy city life, and decide to opt for a calmer pace. A country is often a place people move to once they start to reach a certain age, so perhaps you’ve reached that time yourself?

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Renovations are Pointless

If you’re getting bored of your surroundings, and you think your next step is to renovate your existing home, think again. Depending on whereabouts you live, renovations may only add value to the property to a certain point. After the home reaches the value of other properties in the area, any further renovations are a moot point.

So, in order to save yourself the hassle, time and money on renovating your home, why not head somewhere new and start afresh?

You’re Financially in a Good Place

Nobody can simply choose to move to a new house at the drop of a hat. You need to be financially ready to afford it.

A good indicator of this is whether you’ve lived in your current home for a decent amount of time. Five years, let’s say, will have built you enough equity to be able to afford a deposit on another house right now. Having this safety net in place, and being sure you can make this move, is paramount.

Even if you’re not in a good financial position, selling a home could be the right move to get your finances in order. Learn how to sell a home before foreclosure to get the most equity out of your home.

You’re Emotionally Ready to Move Out

Selling a home that you’ve lived in for a good chunk of your life can definitely pull at your heartstrings. Especially if you have a lot of memories there – perhaps your children grew up here – it might be difficult to part ways with the home.

With this in mind, and keeping in mind the property chain, you need to be 100 percent sure you’re emotionally ready to part ways with these four walls. It’s only right, for everyone involved.

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Are Your Ready to Sell Your House?

As you can see, deciding to sell your home and move somewhere completely new is no easy decision. That being said, these 10 key indicators will show you whether now is the time to make that leap or not.

We hope this article will help you to discover if now is the time for you to move on. Good luck with your home-hunting future!