We’ve all heard it before:

Cycling to work does wonders for your health.

But what if your commute to work boils down to you merely walking from your bedroom to your home office? How are you supposed to reap all these benefits of biking when you’re working from home, and “going to work” doesn’t require you to leave the house?

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Well, this article might give you a few ideas on how to fit cycling into your busy workday!

Start Your Day Early – And Get Active Early

What if I suggested that you can become one of those people that love working out in the morning, too?

If getting to the gym at the end of the workday seems like mission impossible, there might be another solution worth considering – setting your alarm clock to an hour or so earlier.

So, prepare everything the night before, and be ready to hop on your bike first thing in the morning. Nothing can wake you up as fast as that breeze of morning air! Bicycles on the market today, like the Jetson’s electric bikes, require very little maintenance. The important thing is you need to do it regularly. This statement is true for anything that we use all the time.

And while I understand that not everyone is a morning person, you might be surprised at how fast you can get hooked to that feeling of accomplishing something before you’ve even had your first sip of coffee.

Get In The Habit Of Taking Active Breaks

Whether you work from home or in an office, breaks are a necessity in this high-paced world we all live in, as they allow you to take a step back and forget about work-related stuff, even for a short period. Pushing yourself to finish it all in one sitting won’t get you anywhere – there’ll always be more that needs to be done.

And despite what you may think, fitting an active break into your workday is not a waste of time – it can do wonders for your productivity!

So, trick yourself into taking short breaks throughout the day, and if you genuinely want to make it count, don’t spend them chilling on the couch – go for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. You’ll get to enjoy some fresh air, let your mind wander, and squeeze in a quick workout, too!

Invest In A Stationary Bike (And Cycle While You Work)

If neither of these solutions works for you, I have one more thing you could try:

Setting up a stationary recumbent bike in your home office and cycling while you work!

Yes, I know, it sounds crazy and unconventional – but you won’t know if you can make it work until you give it a try.

And before you dismiss it as distracting, no one expects you write reports and handle important paperwork on there. You can check your emails, make a few calls, and do all these simple tasks – all while working out at the same time!


Now you know how to fit cycling into your busy workday, and as you can see, it’s not impossible – it just requires being a bit more creative with your workout routine.

Get to work – and squeeze in some working out while you’re at it, too!

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