In a few weeks, you’re attending a bridal shower for one of your closest cousins. You have plenty of fond memories of playing with her when you were little kids and can’t quite believe she’s getting married.

While you’re choosing something from her bridal registry for a wedding gift, you want to think outside the traditional gift box for the bridal shower present. At the same time, you want to give your cousin something she will love and definitely use.

With this in mind, any of the following gift ideas will help make your cousin very happy at her bridal shower:

1. Fun and Flirty Lingerie

When it comes to a fun bridal shower gift, you can’t go wrong with bridal lingerie that she can put into her suitcase and wear during the honeymoon. Of course, choosing which type of lingerie to buy depends on the personality of your cousin. You can go with a more classic short and sweet satin robe or can up the va-va-voom aspect and give her a lacy babydoll set or bra and panty set.

2. Framed Memories

Chances are your cousin has texted you and/or posted on social media all sorts of photos of her with her beloved. With this in mind, download and print out two of these special photos and place them into a Story of Us photo frame that has spaces for a “Date Night” and “The Proposal” photo. The frame also has spaces for “Mr. and Mrs.” and “Honeymoon” pictures, so promise your cousin that once she’s married, you’ll fill in the other two photos once she sends you the pics she wants to include.

3. A Cookbook for Two

You know your cousin loves to cook or she’s told you on a few occasions that she wants to learn. In either case, “The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook” from America’s Test Kitchen will give her and her hubby plenty of new recipes to try. The cookbook features an impressive 650 recipes for dishes that will serve two hungry people; everything from lasagna and brownies to beef stew and more is included. This way, the happy new couple can enjoy some time in the kitchen but not wonder how to pare down a traditional recipe that serves six into something just for them.

4. The Gift of Relaxation

Planning a wedding is exciting, but it’s also downright stressful. If your cousin has been confiding in you that she’s feeling anxious about all the prep work for her big day, then treat her to a bridal shower gift that screams relaxation and self-care. For instance, you could give her a gift card to a local spa for a day of pampering or create a gift bag filled with items she can use at home. If she loves giving herself mani/pedis, fill a bag with colorful bottles of polish, lotions, pumice stones, and other manicure essentials. Likewise, if your cousin loves facials, you can create a skin-pampering gift bag with masks, serums, essential oils and a diffuser, and a CD of relaxing music.

Enjoy Celebrating the Bride

You love your cousin and are truly excited to celebrate her at the bridal shower. Whether you decide to go with bridal lingerie, a meaningful photo frame, cookbook, or relaxation-themed gift, your cousin will be sure to appreciate not only the gift but also the thought you put into it.