5 Changes In A Woman’s Body She Should Take Very Seriously


5 changes in a woman-With age, the relationship with the body also changes, especially in women.  These changes are more noticeable when they reach 40 – 50 .excess weight gain, thinning hair and menopause are some natural changes that take place during this stage but some changes like swelling in bre@st, frequently getting down with fever is not something that comes with age, these are the symptoms of some serious health problem. Here are the few signs that which women should never ignore.

Let’s see 5 changes in a woman’s body

1. Lump or swelling in your bre@st or underarm


5 changes in a woman

With increase in age women go through some physical changes in their body but there are few changes that women should observe cautiously that is swelling in your armpit and bre@st, n!pple discharge, constant pain in your armpit and lumps and thickening in your bre@st as these could be the symptoms of breast cancer which is a serious health problem. If you find these symptoms in your body immediately seek for a medical check-up as ignoring these symptoms could make the circumstances worst. Check 5 more health problems that you generally ignore


2. You are frequently down with fever

A fever is a common sign of illness, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, sometimes it is a sign that your body is fighting some kind of underlying illness. But frequent fever may indicate little body infection; one of them is UTI (urinary tract infection). In UTI’s urinary bl@dder get affected which need a specific set of medication. So if are down with fever more frequently then it is better to consult a doctor.

3. You complain of back pain every day

Back pain is a very common complaint. We have seen a lot of people complaining about back pain, especially women. But in some cases, back pain on a regular basis is due to a wrong sitting posture, pregnancy, and stress. Frequent back pain may result in long term cervical problems with permanent effect. To get rid of this an individual should perform exercise and yoga on a daily basis. One should also consult a doctor for other pain relieving medication.

4. Your urine is a dark yellow

Urine is most common due to dehydration. But sometimes it says a lot about your health conditions.  They may vary in color but the color of urine of a healthy body is light yellow. If you see color variation in your urine it is normal but if the urine color goes darker it indicates that you may have urinary infection, liver or kidney infection.

5. Your periods are irregular

Missed, early or late periods are considered as an irregular cycle. The average length of your menstrual cycle is around 28 days and menstrual bleeding usually lasts between 2-7 days. If your period is not following this process then maybe your periods are not regular. A missed period is generally due to the body’s hormone fluctuation and takes some time until they balance. These are the 5 changes in a woman’s body that should not be ignored.