Social media platforms became recognizable in the late ’90s, and since then, there have been endless attempts and successes in this area of technology. Regardless of some great examples, we have seen over the years, one channel has stood out quite well. According to the definition, a successful social media platform has a flourishing ecosystem where brands, content creators, and users all benefit from taking advantage of the platform. By this definition, Youtube is the most effective social media platform channel.

It is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. Every minute more than 100 hours of videos are uploaded and shared on this platform. According to a survey by Pew Research Centre, the number of American adults who use Youtube online on their phones has now increased to 73%, which is more than Facebook. This platform has become one of the best sources of communication to a large audience, whether for watching programs or providing information.

Here are five reasons why Youtube is the Best Social Media Platform:

It Improves your Search Engine Optimisation

Within just a few years, video has become one of the most popular content formats. Today, approximately 74% of all online traffic is for videos. Videos are not only watched but also regularly shared on social media platforms. Because search engines like Google suggest videos too, when you share a video through Youtube with good descriptions, titles, and tags, it helps you improve your search engine ranking. Being the second largest search engine, Youtube SEO can help a business succeed in its marketing efforts.

The two most popular reasons why people visit Youtube are, one, they want to be entertained, and second, they want to learn something from watching videos. We see all those Super Bowl Youtube videos being passed around on our social media platforms weeks after the game. Animal videos are also quite popular on this video platform, but besides these entertaining videos, Youtube also offers an enormous amount of space for brand advertising. Youtube has more than a billion users, which makes it a great platform to introduce people to a brand, increase awareness, and build an audience of probable customers. In addition, Youtube SEO also plays a tremendous and direct role in marketing; for example, brands can drive traffic towards Youtube channels via paid Youtube advertising.

Mobilizes Underrepresented Talent

Person Holding Canon Dslr Camera Close-up Photo For most people, it is hard to believe that Youtube has a higher percentage of users than Facebook, but if you look at all Youtube offers, this won’t be that hard to understand. Compared to Youtube, Facebook does not pay anything to its influencers nor provide any products for users to create. It is just a collection of a lot of third-party web content.

Youtube is home to ambitious filmmakers, and it offers them a platform where they can showcase their work. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have contacts in the industry, nor does everyone come from backgrounds with great connections. For such people, Youtube provides a platform where they can portray their work and talent to the world. Content creators often utilize LenosTube to market their content on YouTube. It is similar to how Instagram is home to photographers who can’t afford expensive equipment and how Medium is home to writers eager to sign a book deal. It also offers opportunities for small businesses, like many people who make transcripts from videos; this is an ideal platform. You may also take help from several tools if you don’t know how to transcribe youtube videos.

It Gets Your Message to a Wider Audience

Scrabble Forming Adwords on Brown Wooden Surface

Youtube is among the most robust platforms which help businesses in acquiring customers’ attention. Through Youtube advertising, several benefits can be achieved, such as customization, measurability, targeting, affordability, and, most important, outreach. Youtube has more than 2 billion account holders who visit the platform every month; besides this, a large group of unregistered users adds to the daily view of five billion videos. Each of these videos is a medium of exposing a business’s ad to the interested party.

Youtube also allows you to target the videos according to keywords, topics, and categories. It increases the chance of the audience finding your ad exciting or relevant. It also offers the option of placement targeting, through which a business can identify particular Youtube pages they want their ads to appear on. Such targeting features make it easy to reach out to the audience and help you get your ad out in the way you want. Youtube also allows a certain level of customization, which lets businesses make their advertisements more personalized as compared to SearchAds.

It Builds Community

Youtube has played a significant role in building up a community on the social media platform. The creators on Youtube, professionally called Youtube creators, are not just a part of a video streaming platform but of something much more significant. These creators are taken care of by Youtube, and they indulge and hang out with other creators and together form a community. It is carried out by sharing the workload of Youtube and working together as a team to do great things. It is a platform with millions of fans, who watch videos of different creators, follow them religiously, buy their products, etc.

Gamification and Recognition

Another great thing about this platform is that it gives its creators gamification and recognition for their efforts. Youtube offers three awards for its creators, which they receive when they reach a particular milestone; a Silver Play Button on 100,000 subscribers, a Gold Play Button on 1 million subscribers, and a Diamond Play Button on 10 million subscribers. Working on a platform like Youtube can be a fun job, but getting rewarded for your efforts and hard work will result in brand loyalty and higher usage.

These were 5 reasons why Youtube is the best social media platform. And, within the coming years, this will only become bigger and better.