Your self-confidence determines how you navigate the world around you. Confidence can help you land a new job, win someone over on a first date, and handle uncomfortable social situations with ease. While confidence comes from inside, it also helps if you like how you look on the outside. If you need a boost of confidence, try these five steps, and see how you feel.

1. Update your makeup routine.

Many people get into a habit with their makeup and complete the same routine every time. If you’re still following the same makeup process you did in high school, then it is time for a change. Learn the basics of contouring and see how it changes your face. You can also invest in new beauty tools like a fresh eyeshadow pallet or mink lashes. (Look for vegan, faux mink lashes if you want a cruelty free option.)

You may be surprised how something simple like a new lipstick shade or false eyelashes make you feel.

2. Treat yourself with gifts.

You are hard on yourself every day, so isn’t it time to celebrate your being and all that you have achieved? Look for small ways to treat yourself and acknowledge mini-accomplishments in your life. For example, if you hit your gym goals for the month, pick out a new dress that shows off your body. If you excelled at a project at work, treat yourself to ice cream or a night out.

hen you realize all of the good things that you do and take the time to reward them, your mind will start to realize that you are a winner — a champion — that deserves all the good things you receive.

3. Improve your smile with affordable braces.

Your smile is the first impression you give to the world. It can even help you land a job by conveying your confidence and excitement about the company. If you don’t love your smile, then you won’t share your joy and warm personality with the world.

Instead of opting for traditional orthodontic treatment, look for affordable braces and clear aligners. You can straighten your teeth and night and smile brightly throughout the day. If you are worried about the cost of braces, your insurer may be able to help.


4. Practice self-validation.

Even the most beautiful people struggle with their self-confidence. They don’t feel beautiful enough or smart enough compared to other people. Self-validation can help you grow your confidence over time and help you realize that you provide value to the world.

Practice repeating a few mantras each day to grow your mental health. These can be simple, like “I am enough,” or “I am seeking contentment, not perfection,” or they can be specific to your current situation. Repeat these mantras in front of the mirror until you start to believe them and watch your confidence grow!

5. Care for your body and mind.

When you have low self-confidence, it is tempting to stop caring for your body, your home, and other parts of your life. However, taking the time to care about yourself can help you develop more self-love.

yoga, stretching, pose

Test out a few different ways to show your body you care. This could be as simple as taking a walk for some light exercise and to clear your head of negative thoughts. It could mean making your bed so your home looks nicer and feels cleaner. These small steps add up and grow your confidence over time.

There is no magic cure to boost your self-confidence. Your self-love comes from the inside and works out. However, the occasional treat, new wardrobe, or set of faux mink lashes will always be there to help.

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