The kitchen is the most vital part of your house. You prepare your daily food and cook them there. Furthermore, you also store your food, utensils, cutleries, and linen tablecloths around the area. For some, the kitchen might also be the get-together place where even a simple chat feels warmer.

It is the most dynamic corner in your household. With all those activities around, you might feel the urge to keep the vibes in the kitchen positive. At the same time, you might want to make your little sanctuary as stylish as possible.

To enhance your kitchen, you can hire an interior designer to help you out. However, you can also design it yourself in a DIY fashion to better suit your whim and budget. If you are looking for inspiration to add a bit of style to your kitchen, here are five tips for a stylish kitchen.

Map The Space Out

When designing your kitchen, you must always put the utmost concern towards the space. Ask yourself how much space you need for activities and mobilities around the kitchen. Then, find out how you will arrange the traffic around the kitchen. In doing so, you have mapped out the majority of space in your kitchen.

After that, you need to plan out where you want to put some items according to their functionality. Place them conveniently with the end in mind. For instance, you would place your plate & cutlery storage and the bin near the dishwasher. Design your space with the activity flow in mind.

​​Choose The Right Colors For Literally Everything

Colors play a significant role in home decor. Like designing other areas of your house, designing your kitchen requires combinations of colors to give your space a particular atmosphere. In the kitchen, you can play out with the colors of your wall, cabinets, or kitchen tops.

If your kitchen is on the darker side of the house with only limited sunlight during the day, you may consider having light-colored elements. They will reflect light, albeit limited, into the whole room, giving it an illusion of space. On the other hand, you may consider darker elements to put in a sun-soaked room. It may reduce the heat and give a homey, earthy feeling to it.

Put in mind that choosing colors for your kitchen is not always painting the walls or the cabinets. Textures of your cabinets and tops may add depth to the colors you pick. However, please consider that the colors you choose for your kitchen should, at least, align with the whole color theme of your house. After all, your kitchen is only a part of your house.

Get The Lighting Right

Getting your kitchen’s lighting right is one of the earliest plans you need to make before redesigning your space. Consider how you will spend your time in the kitchen before setting up how the lighting should work. Will you only use it for meal preparation? Or, do you dine and socialize there, too? A stylish kitchen should work out the functionality as well. Try having ambient lighting with dimmable mode if you are looking for versatility in the kitchen.

Make Use Of The Storage

The game-changer in kitchen decor is the storage. Remember that having enough storage is not the endgame. You must choose the appropriate kitchen storage to store your items and complement your style.

By having well-planned storage, you manage the available space in the kitchen. Arrange your storage area based on the use within the kitchen area as well. As discussed previously, you can store plates & cutlery near the dishwasher or, maybe, save some near the dining area. Cooking ingredients, like spices and flours, should be around the preparation area.

Try deep drawers for more convenient storage. You can also play out with the colors and texture to complement your decor. Furthermore, you can also use clear jars for spices and other ingredients to give a minimalistic look that suits every type of kitchen.

Give Your Kitchen A Character

It will be the most fun part of decorating your kitchen. Reflect your personality in your kitchen. Personalize the design according to your preference.

You can opt for various kitchen dressings and floorings to make a statement. Pick a set of plates,  cutleries, and flatware that complement each other. You can also add linen tablecloths to the equation. Otherwise, you can use the linen in other parts of the kitchen, like curtains.


Designing your kitchen takes a lot of effort. However, it should not be a burden for you at all. Remember that the kitchen is a vital area in your house. Therefore, you need to treat it like a stylish sanctuary to cater to aesthetics and functionality. Create a good ambiance by combining all those elements mentioned above and make sure to always maintain its hygiene, including getting rid of nasty smells after cooking. We hope our five tips for a stylish kitchen might inspire you to elevate your kitchen decor.