When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, it is important that you ingest protein during your workouts. When you work out, you will be pushing your body to new heights. Your muscle tissues will get torn during heavy workouts, and you will need a good amount of protein to help build it back up.

This is where protein powder comes in handy. However, if you are going to use protein powder, you should know how to store them properly. Remember purchasing protein powder could get very expensive. So you will need to store them as safely as possible. Here are 6 ways to store your protein powder effectively.

Keep Them in a Cool, and Dry Place

If you are going to store your protein powder, it is imperative that you keep them out of direct sunlight. Storing your protein powder in direct sunlight might get it damaged and it won’t be usable anymore. So you should make sure that you keep it somewhere cool and dry. You could store it in a pantry or in a closet, or anywhere in your home. Just as long as it is far away from direct sunlight and any type of moisture.

Keep Their Expiration Date in Mind

When you purchase your protein powder, it is imperative that you take note of its expiration date. Although protein powder lasts for a long time, it is still perishable. Once it goes bad, you won’t be able to use it anymore. Any nutritional benefits that you might have gotten from it will be gone. You should also remember that protein powder could get very pricey, especially if you buy it in the tubful. So it is imperative that you use it all before it hits its expiration date.

Use Silica Gel to Keep It Dry

Aside from keeping your protein powder in a dry place, it is also a good idea to use silica gel. This handy packet is filled with crystals that absorb moisture. So if you are going to transfer your protein powder to a plastic tub or glass jar, it is best that you place a few packets at the bottom, before filling up the container.

This will ensure that your protein powder stays dry, no matter how damp the weather could get. Just make sure you don’t rip the packets because the contents might mix with your protein powder. This will make your protein powder practically useless. So if you are going to use silica gel packets, you should be as careful as possible.

Use an Air-Tight Container

Although most protein powders are sold in plastic packets, it is a good idea to move them to more durable containers. While plastic packets are very handy, they are predominantly made for portability. However, if you want to store your protein powder in bulk, it is best that you use airtight containers such as a glass jar, or plastic tub.

Remember that any type of contaminant could ruin your protein powder. It could be water, dust, or animal fur, but if it mixes in with your protein powder, then it is technically compromised and practically unusable. So it is best that your container has an air-tight lock system that will allow you to seal it tight.

The two best options for protein powder containers are glass and plastic containers. If you use a glass container, it will be more aesthetically pleasing, and you will be able to see how much protein powder you still have. The only setback is that it is very vulnerable to breakage. If you opt for plastic containers, you will have a less attractive container, however, they are very durable and could handle a great deal of punishment.

Keep Your Protein Powder Scoop Dry

When it comes to using your protein powder, it is very important that you keep your protein powder scoop as dry as possible. Some people have the bad habit of using the scoop to measure their protein powder, and once they finish mixing the powder into the water, they lick the last bits from the scooper and return it to the jar.

This is a very bad habit because you will introduce bacteria to your protein powder, which may develop into fungi or bacteria in the long run. So make it a habit to clean your protein powder scoop after every use. Take the time to wash them, and wipe them down with a paper towel. Remember that protein powder can be very expensive, especially if you buy them by the tubful. So you should make sure that you practice proper hygiene when you use your protein powder.

Try Out Flexible Plastic Packaging

There will be times where you will have to travel, and your destination might not have a health shop that provides protein powder. So it is imperative that you pack some protein powder with you.

However, it might be a bit too cumbersome to bring your whole supply of protein powder with you. Luckily, there is a lot of protein powder packaging that is available to you. Flexible plastic packaging is a great option because they have a Ziploc feature which makes them easy to seal. They are also very durable and yet also flexible, which makes them easy to store in your luggage,


If you want to reach your full fitness potential, it is important that you take as much protein as possible. The best way to do this is to use protein powder. It is not only easy to ingest, but it is also very easy to prepare. Protein powder could be a bit difficult to store though because any semblance of moisture could ruin it. Luckily with these tips, you’ll be able to store your powder in the best way possible.