Most families consider adopting a cat when looking for expansion. During this time, it only fits you to find a feline best suited for kids and adults.

The best cats for toddlers are calm, gentle, and friendly. These cats are tolerant of other pets and do not get anxious amidst new faces. This piece will be listing seven cats that are kid-friendly and suited for families. Let’s get started.

Kids do love spending quality time with cats. They tend to be great companions due to their endearing nature. They are also less noisy, and as a feline parent, you wouldn’t spend so much on maintenance for your new pet. You can find more in this link https://www.wikihow.com/Take-Care-of-a-Cat about taking caring for your feline properly.

But how do you know your new cat is kid-friendly? When choosing your new feline companion, there are things you have to note.

Check the cat’s lifestyle and habits. Consider its age and energy level. Also, as a parent, you would want to ask yourself a few questions during your purchase.

  • Ask yourself if your kids would understand the requirements of the home’s new pet
  • Find out if they are aware of the importance of keeping the doors closed at all times.
  • Know the energy level of your family.

You must do your due diligence before bringing a cat to your home. This way, you can rest assured in your decision. You can find Holistapet to have some of the useful tips for raising pets. Below are a few of the best cats for children.

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is quite a remarkable feline breed. They are easygoing and laidback. They are tough as well and would thrive in a home with lots of kids. The American Shorthair is a highly popular breed and is quite a favorite pick for families in need of a new pet.

They are low-maintenance and do not require so much grooming. This feline breed tolerates other pets and tends to get along with just about anyone. They are very healthy as well and usually live a long and merry life. As a homeowner, you would enjoy this breed as it is a renowned mouse killer.


Ragdolls are sweet and comforting. They are a beautiful breed and are best suited for families looking for attractive pets.

Ragdolls are relatively larger than most felines. Their blue eyes make them easy to look at. They are caring and have endearing habits that attract kids to them.

Ragdolls require love and attention. So, this breed is best suited for a home where there is warmth and kindness. They are known to collapse into their bearer’s arms. They also love snuggling around the couch. So, this pet must be provided a bed or a sofa to snuggle on. To keep your cat breed looking cute and attractive, regular grooming is necessary.


The Birman is mystical, magical, and enchanting, as described by the Cat Fancier’s Association. They have a pretty distinctive look, with their blue eyes and beautiful face.

The Birman is a great companion for toddlers. They are easygoing, loving, gentle, and curious. This breed is amiable. It usually follows its new family over the home and would relish moments of fun with little children.

They love to play and would sometimes lend a helping hand as well. They just want to be part of the home’s activity at all times.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large feline breed. They weigh up to 20 pounds. Nonetheless, their large size doesn’t reflect the true nature of this breed. Also known as gentle giants, the Maine Coon is playful, loyal, loving, and compassionate. Despite its age, it is willing to spend merry and fun times with its family.

They are renowned for their sturdy appearance and loving nature. This breed makes an excellent addition to the home and is a great therapy pet.



The Manx is a devoted and playful breed. This breed that comes from the Isle of man is equally an excellent pet for kids. With the number of cats available, this medium-sized cat is quite remarkable. They are rounded and tail-less.

This makes them a pretty distinctive feline type. The Manx isn’t as active as most. However, they enjoy moments where they can play and have fun with kids. They love to jump around the home. This is because they have powerful hind legs that allow them to launch to great heights.


This cat breed is intelligent, loyal, and people-oriented. They are active as well, perfect for a busy family. Abyssinian cats are perfect for families with grown-up kids. This is because of their agile nature.

This feline breed is a master manipulator. This is because they always aim at getting the household wrapped around their little paws. Abyssinians aren’t lap cats. Though, they enjoy being around people.

European Burmese

The European Burmese is a fearless cat. They enjoy being around humans and would relish moments with their families.

They are very friendly and playful, even when in their senior years. They love little kids and are tolerant of other pets. This breed even gets along with dogs, making them perfect for homes with dogs around.

It is known that once you have the European Burmese as a pet, you would likely stick with it forever.

Final Note

The cat breeds listed above make great pets for a home. They are great human companions and are loving to kids.

However, before you adopt any cat breed, make sure to note its lifestyle and behavior. This way, you make the right choice for your home.