7 Reasons Why Onions Are Basically A Household Miracle


Miracle Of Onions -Onion is one of the most common ingredients that you can find in every kitchen. Onion contains Eye-watering compound that can make you cry while cutting an onion. So You may not enjoy cutting onions. Some of us think that onions can only be used for cooking purpose, but there are so many uses of onion. They can be used for various purposes. Here are some tips for using onion explained briefly. After reading these tips, you’ll end up adding more onions in your cart.

Miracle Of Onions

Don’t throw out your burned rice.

Onion can help you with burnt rice, Put a slice of the onion on top of the burnt rice. The bulb will absorb the burnt smell, saving tonight’s dinner in the process.

Polish your silverware.

You can use onions if your silverware look dirty and greasy. You just have to Slice and crush onions followed by placing them in water. Now dip a cloth in the mix and use that to remove all the grime and dirt off the metal. This will make them clean and shiny.

Stop feeling dizzy

A person who feels dizzy more often should carry onion with him. When he feels dizzy, Grab a piece of cut onion and place it directly under the nose as it will help you in preventing the dizziness.

Cure your insomnia once and for all

Miracle Of Onions

Insomnia is one of the most common problem commonly seen in today’s youth. You can use onions for better sleep. Onions on their own may not produce the best smell out there, but cutting one in half and breathing in the smell has been known to help folks fall asleep easier. You can also place a cut onion in an open jar and places that open jar close to your bed.

Remove splinters without cutting your skin

Sometimes splinters are stuck deeply in the skin and cause so much pain. To remove a splinter without hurting yourself, Grab a piece of raw onion and tape it to the affected area. Wait for an hour before to open it and you will see the splinter will get removed easily.

Help to fight off acne and diminish scars

Acne and scars are the most common problem seen in half teenage population because of our environment and an unhealthy diet. To get rid of those mix onion juice, tomato juice, and neem oil and applying it to trouble areas. This treatment will reduce redness, get rid off pimples, and lighten the scars.

Lower your cholesterol level

Onions are very beneficial for our skin and health as it also reduces the excess cholesterol inside your body & prevents hair loss. Scientists fed crushed onions to hamsters who were placed on a high cholesterol diet. After eight weeks of being fed cholesterol and not changing their diets, they found the hamsters’ cholesterol level decreased by 20 percent. Add some onion to your diet and get rid of high cholesterol level and it also in maintaining the cholesterol.