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Planning an event for VIPs can be stressful because there is a lot involved – and you know your VIP guests will want everything to be just perfect. Here are 7 tips to keep in mind when you start planning your event to make sure it is a storming success.

1. Start Planning Well in Advance

The first thing to do give yourself plenty of time to plan out your event. You don’t want to rush it, and you may need many months or even a year to get everything in place. Plan out a checklist, set out your budget, and get going as soon as possible.

2. Set Up a Temporary Structure

One of the first things you’ll need to sort out is a venue. This may be a 5-star hotel, but if you want to hold all or part of the event outdoors, you should hire a tent or a temporary structure. This will not only look spectacular, but it will provide your guests with some cool shade or protection from the rain so everyone will be comfortable on the day.

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3. Think About Crowd Management and Safety

As they say, safety always comes first, and this is especially trying any time you are planning a big event. Any time there are a lot of people – there is a chance that someone will get hurt. To avoid it happening, take some safety precautions. One of the things you can do is think about crowd and queue management. Another – make sure a medical practitioner is on set to handle any medical cases if something does end up happening.

4. Ensure Good Accommodation Is Available Nearby

Your VIP guests will want to know that they can stay nearby after the event, so make sure when you choose your venue that there is suitable accommodation for them. Remember, they will expect the best hotels. To make it easier for them, recommend the nearby hotels when you sent the invitations.

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5. Hire a Catering Service

Catering will be a big part of your VIP event, whether you are planning a three-course meal or simply snacks and drinks. Make sure you arrange something special for your guests. Food will be a large part of the experience for them, so try and do something different that surprises them. VIPs like to be pleasantly surprised!

6. Book the Entertainment

The entertainment will also play a big role in the overall experience, and there are many options depending on the type of event you are planning. It could be a live band, a magician, some dancing or something else.

Try to find something that you know most people will enjoy, and look for novel experiences that your guests may be unfamiliar with to add some excitement.

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7. The Wow Factor

Don’t forget to arrange the decor and make sure it is something special and unique that has the wow factor for your guests. Remember, VIPs are not easily impressed. You may want to plan your event around a theme. Consider hiring this out to a specialist to ensure you get the right reaction from your guests.

Make Your Event Truly Special

There is a lot to consider for any type of event, but a VIP event involves even more work. Consider all of these factors carefully, and remember to start planning your event as early as possible to ensure you have plenty of time to get everything perfect for your guests.