Hairs require special care. The symbol of our femininity and these locks need to look shiny and silky. Women these days spend a lot of money on hair products and hair treatments for perfect hair. But, the question arises that do perfection exists? It does but only if you take care of your strands and nourish them time to time. It’s not about undergoing chemical treatments but following necessary remedies and going all natural. All you have to do is provide them with proper nourishment.

Washing hair more often doesn’t benefit you. Shampoos and conditioners contain a chemical that is beneficial but harmful when used extremely. You should wash your hairs in intervals as we cannot use chemical products on the daily basis because it will cause dryness, hair loss and a lot more hair problems. So, use it as less as possible.

Sometimes it is not possible to go out without washing hair, even if you cleaned yesterday. These days there is so much dirt and pollution that we cannot go out without washing them. So, we got tips for you to protect your hair and how to clean them.

Here are the tips that you need to follow:

#1 Water

Water too has a different type. Tap water can be hard for your hair and can cause damage to your hair and won’t keep it clean for a long time. You should use boil or regenerated water as it won’t harm your hair and would keep your hair fresh for a long time.

#2 Nourishing Products

Just like our body, our hairs to need nourishment to look healthy and say shiny and silky. One should not use oil on thin hair as it can make it look sticky and dirty. Use oil 1-2 times a week before washing your hair. Use olive oil and castor oil for hair nourishment, keep it overnight and then wash it off with the mild shampoo.

#3 Brushing

Do not brush your hair often, once or twice in a day is alright. While we brush our hairs, we tend to touch the hair follicles and stimulate its work. Instead of using a brush, you can use a comb which won’t affect anything.

#4 Natural Hairstyles

Try avoiding hair creams and sprays that help you in setting your hair. These products harm your hair and make them dirty. Try keeping your hair natural and stop using hair sprays, gels and any other chemical products.

#5 Shampoos

You shall have the shampoo that does not dry your hair and is mild. Avoid buying shampoos containing SLS, as it dries your hair. To keep your hair clean for great buy gentle shampoos and those are SLS- free. So, replace your shampoo first with healthy hair.

#6 The Temperature

Temperature plays an essential role. High heat can harm your hair and speeds up the process of your hair getting dirty. Use curling irons, dryers and straightening machines less. These products tend to heat your hair and burn them. High temperatures also consume the scalp and to protect it our scalp produces secretions. So, you must avoid using these products and if you use them to keep them at the low temperature to 150-180 degrees.

#7 Peeling

You must go for skin peeling to get rid of dirt and dead cells. It helps in making your hair healthy and grows faster. You can use hair masks and scrubs that would help you get rid of dirt. You can get the recipes online too, and you can make it at home quickly.

#8 Pillowcases

Change your pillowcases on time. It will be better if you change them weekly as they absorb oil produced from our skin and hair. Produced bacteria can make your hair dirty faster.

#9 Cold and Heat

Extreme hotness and coldness can harm your hair. The scalp then starts to produce oil for protection, and the roots then tend to dry up.  Protect your hair from cold and heat by covering them with scarves and hats or caps. Your hair will stay clean for long then.