Exercises to transform your body

Amazing exercises to transform your body in month-In this era of fashion, everyone wants to look useful and attractive. You can make your body of your desired shape and size by doing exercises daily. The study says activities make your body healthy and active throughout the day. Exercising on a daily routine helps controlling blood flow and tighten your muscles which helps in reducing injuries. Regular exercises take few minutes from your precious time. Yoga is a movement of muscles so that you can burn calories. It is a physical activity which may include jogging, walking, running, swimming and maybe dancing as well. Studies have shown that exercising daily lifts up your mood making you feel happier and free from tensions and depression. As every machine needs to greased timely, your body also needs to be lubricated timely for the proper functioning. Here are some exercises mentioned which can help you in losing weight and toning your figure.

Some of the exercises mentioned below:


Exercises to transform your body

If you want to strengthen your core, tone your abs and build your shoulders. For this, you have to lie down on a mate in a position such that you are making pushups difference just that you have to maintain an angle of ninety degrees in your elbows. You should also keep a posture that your body is straight from head to the heels.

Perform this for one minute to three minutes.


Exercises to transform your body

This exercise helps you to strengthen your triceps and back muscles. It also helps you in maintaining proper blood flow in your body. You have to do is lie flat on the ground on your chest and head towards the ground. Push up yourself upwards and our torso off the floor. Slowly come back to your initial position. This exercise may be hard but try doing ten times on your first day.

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Exercises to transform your body

Your glutes, quadriceps, hamstring and your whole posture chain could be improved. Stand on your feet shoulder-width apart, if you feel unsafe to lengthen your spine, then bend your knees as if you are sitting on a chair. Come back to your initial position and exhale. Repeat this exercise for two minutes.

Bird dog

This exercise is basically for strengthening your lower back, thighs, and abs.  To perform this lay on your knees with hips apart and your hands on the floor firmly. Now raise your hand in the air with an opposite leg that must be parallel to the ground. Far extend your arm in front stretching it in a straight line. Perform this position for few seconds and then repeat the same posture for the other side.

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Hip Bridge

In this exercise what you have to do is just lay down on your back on the floor. Now lift your stomach in the air stretching your glutes and hold this position for few seconds and repeat.