Amazing uses of coconut oil -Coconut oil, without a doubt, is a fantastic ingredient that can be used to enhance the beauty of your hair. The best part about it is that it has no side effects whatsoever. It is very affordable, and you don’t need to think twice before buying it. It also works wonders on your skin. It moisturizes your skin like no other ingredient. It can provide a quick fix for dry skin.So, Coconut oil has multiple uses, and some of the uses are briefly explained below.

Amazing uses of coconut oil

Amazing uses of coconut oil

1.Health Related:

  • To heal a wound

Coconut oil has immense antibacterial, moisturizing and healing properties. This promotes the healing of wounds quickly.Just apply a little bit of coconut oil to the wound for its speedy recovery.

  • Oral care

Coconut oil has been used in dental care since time immemorial. It can brighten your teeth. Its antibacterial properties, help in removing all the bacteria from your mouth. This gets you rid of bad breath too. Use coconut oil for brushing your teeth in the morning and notice your teeth and gums turning strong and healthy.

2. Beauty related:

  • Use it as a moisturizer

Like I mentioned earlier, Coconut oil has immense moisturizing properties. It moisturizes your skin deeply, giving it a healthy glow. Use coconut oil to slow down the aging process of your skin. It can also be used as makeup cleanser.

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  •  Getting rid of wrinkles

Coconut oil helps in slowing down the aging process and preventing wrinkles. It, in turn, cures the wrinkles that are already there. Just apply coconut oil before going to bed at night and see its miracle.

3. Cooking-related:

  • Use it for frying

While deep-fried fried food is considered unhealthy,  using coconut oil while cooking can provide saturated fat and that is why it is considered the best cooking oil.

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Increase the shelf life of eggs

You can increase the shelf life of eggs by applying coconut oil on them. It creates a protective layer over the shell of the eggs which keeps the oxygen from penetrating the shell. You may even apply coconut oil on eggs and store them in a refrigerator to make them last longer.

4. For infants and moms to be

  • For breasts

Due to its moisturizing properties, coconut oil is the best moisturizer for breasts too. It moisturizes the dry skin around your nipples and also gets you rid of stretch marks post the birth of your baby.

  • For baby skin

Coconut oil is the best moisturizer for baby skin too. Use virgin coconut oil as it will create a moisturizing layer over the baby’s body. This will keep their skin hydrated and moisturized without any harm to the baby.

5. For day to day needs

  • To light a fire

When you go for camping, use a cotton ball or piece of cloth dipped in coconut oil to light a fire. It is environment-friendly too.

  • Revive your furniture

Just as it replenishes dry skin, coconut oil can replenish the dry wood and add shine to it. It will also increase the life of the furniture and prevent it from getting cracked. It doesn’t have any chemicals, and so no harm can be done to your furniture whatsoever.