9 Best Beauty Habits To Follow You Will Thank Yourself Later


Beauty habits-You can look beautiful at any age of your life; it not only depends upon genetics. Our habits also constitute our beauty. Some people use healthy remedies, and some use cosmetic products to look beautiful. All these ways will be visible in the future.

We are going to share some useful beauty habits that you will thank in the future.

You should keep your feet above your head.

9 Best Beauty Habits To Follow You Will Thank Yourself Later

When you are not doing any physical activity, lie on the floor and lift your legs with the wall. Make this your habit. It will help you to have varicose veins in your future. This position will lead the blood to go down to the body from the legs without overcoming of the force of gravity. Your veins will get some rest. You will get positively well being.

Use SPF all year round.

We usually apply sunscreen during any season to our skin. Even in autumn and winter, sun radiation affects our skin negatively. You should use SPF cream for preventing your skin from the sun radiations, and this will make you grow less older by 24%. It is because you should wear sunglasses in autumn and sunny winter days.

Take care of the skin around your neck.

As on the eyelids, the skin on the neck is also thin and look vulnerable. The vulnerable skin a the neck gives us the indication of aging. The wrinkles on the neck can appear before the age of 30 years if you love to read horizontally and also if you sleep on the high pillows. You should daily nourish and moisturize your neck skin.

Always carry a reusable plastic bottle of water with you.

We all know the effects of a daily basis consumption of water on the body. You all should make it your habit to drink the water daily. You can take reusable bottles and keep them in your bag to drink water on time. It will also help in keeping your environment plastic-free, and you will remind you to drink the water.

Tale smooth pillows for sleep

When we wake up, very few people have shiny and fresh faces. During the night, our faces get a rub over the pillow which brings the wrinkles appeared on our face and we have messy hair when we get up. You should use a silk or satin pillow to prevent all these. You will feel happy to look at your face in the mirror when you wake up in the morning. When you sleep on the silk pillow, it will minimize the friction, and your face will look fresh.

Don’t wear too tight hairbands.

Hairdressers can tell you that either you should wear tight ponytails or not. Your hair gets thins with the regular wearing of hair bands or rubber bands. The frequent use of hairbands make your hair brittle and damage your hair. You should use the spiral hair rubber band to avoid damages of your hair.

Follow the rule 2/30

With this habit, you will stay fit without more efforts. People consume sweeter and fattening food items if they are watching TV for more than two hours. You should watch TV for a limited time and also do some exercise in between watching TV. You will not gain more weight in this habit.

Use floss and mouthwash this is one of the beauty habits

Our teachers and parents taught us in childhood to brush our teeth twice a day. Your teeth do not remain healthy with cleaning twice a day. Brushing your teeth twice a day means washing the dishes in the morning and before going to sleep. Every time you eat any food item, you should use floss and mouthwash to clean your teeth.

Hold the mobile phone at the eye level.

The problem of wrinkles on the neck and sagging chin got noticed in the women younger than the age of 40 by the plastic surgeons in the last decade. The head movement when you look at your smartphones affects your neck muscles and the neck skin badly. To prevent the wrinkles, you should hold the mobile phones at the eye levels.