People appreciate the beauty and for many, maintaining their youthful glow is a must. Some would go to great lengths to ensure that they look gorgeous, although they’re advancing in years. However, it isn’t an easy task because of the several treatments and procedures required to get the job done. It is true that some don’t mind regularly seeing their dermatologist or cosmetologist if it means keeping their face and body taut.

Still, it is vital to go to reputable beauty service salons to avoid untoward accidents that could mar your skin. If you encounter injuries due to negligence of the beauty place, you can always check out the services of savvy beauty treatment solicitors to help you lodge a complaint. For those wondering what beauty treatments are trending right now, here’s a list of what you can avail yourself of so you can look good while feeling younger.

Permanent eyebrow tattoos

If you’ve got thin eyebrows and don’t want to get caught without eyeliner on, having a cosmetologist tattoo your eyebrows would be an excellent treatment. Although it may cost you upwards of £150, it will last up to three years and help you look fantastic even without your favorite eyeliner to accentuate your look.

Lived-in hair color

Don’t you hate it when your colleagues can tell when you had your hair dyed? This treatment allows you to enjoy natural-looking streaks on your crowning glory for six to eight months without frequent visits to the salon. It will set you back anywhere from £300 and at least a five-hour trip to the hairdresser, but it will pay dividends in the long run.

Chemical peels

Everyone wants soft, glowing skin, but people aren’t born equal. Some have hyperpigmentation; others have many skin blemishes. One of the best ways to achieve such perfect skin is by undergoing chemical peels that use salicylic, glycolic, or trichloroacetic acid (TCA). These reduce acne, smoothen skin and make it look glowing. Also, they don’t take a lot of time to finish. Cosmetologists recommend that customers undergo the procedure every four to six weeks to unclog pores, improve fine lines and prevent acne breakouts. Costs vary from £250 and up depending on the extent and depth of the peel.

Anti-cellulite treatments 

Women know that saggy skin isn’t pleasant to look at as it attracts more attention to the flaws. Women tend to produce cellulite starting from the age of 20, and while diet can affect the onset of cellulite, liposuction doesn’t have much effect. Some beauty clinics offer a non-invasive procedure that will improve the appearance of areas that cellulite targets, such as the butt and thighs. However, the procedure is a bit pricey as women have to shell out £2000 and up for such treatments.


Women detest spider and varicose veins because they don’t look good and cause extreme pain during cold nights. Beauty experts recommend sclerotherapy to remove such imperfections and warn that it will look worse before it looks better. Laser therapy costs £300 per session, while injections range from £350 to £800 per pop.


Staying young and beautiful isn’t an easy job. However, women and men can take different treatments and procedures to look and feel good.