Cosmetology is more than just a mere science that revolves around beautifying a person’s hair, skin, nails, and overall appearance. It is also a way of life and a culture of cooperation where the human body acts as the main element. It studies the mental effect of beauty, cosmetics, pharmacology, and the various beauty processes. Therefore, it is essential to take time to study available options and see how much practice you can get with the remote or in-person masterclass modules. The students in the United States have a great advantage of choosing among competing programs and online courses that will give you a great start to a career in cosmetology.

Best Cosmetologist Programs Offered By The US Colleges

1. Empire Beauty School.

It’s one of those great Cosmetology courses that cover more than makeup and hair design techniques. You will also learn about the retail and marketing aspects of beauty salons. You may also focus on cosmetology education training. It is aimed both at those who are only starting and at professionals who want to receive relevant certification and polish their already existing skills.

2. Pivot Point Academy Beauty School

Located in Chicago, it is one of the most prestigious schools to earn your degree in Cosmetology. It has had numerous awards and provided courses since the 1960s, which says a lot about experienced instructors. You can choose between Cosmetology Fundamentals and subjects like Saloon Success. What makes it different is the academic approach to Cosmetology it takes and a plethora of written assignments that help you work out your unique style. If you find it too challenging, consider turning to professional essay helpers by explaining your situation. Sometimes you only need a minor boost to start writing or continue with what you already have!

3. The Sassoon Academy

If you are a complete beginner, this Cosmetology program might be a better choice because no prior experience is required as you get enrolled. It focuses on the practical experience of a person and provides over 1600 hours of learning. Of course, you will need a textbook and various wax kits that will help you along as you study. All things considered, this course might take you six full weeks or be shortened to four weeks. Remember that some additional expenses might be necessary, especially if English is not your first language. Consider learning how to save money on translation if you are an exchange student and see whether there are courses in languages other than English.

4. Tricoci University

Even though the program offered by this university in Bridgeview, Illinois, mostly focused on hairdressing in the past, it switched to running a salon business, which is essential for anyone who would like to study Cosmetology in 2021. The course will take you a year to complete if you choose to attend it full time. Likewise, if you want to study part-time, it’s also possible to spend 20 months in total. One of the pleasant aspects is that you will be given an iPad that will remain yours as you graduate. Speaking of topics included, you will learn Applied Chemistry that’s related to Cosmetology studies, hair treatment, styling, management basics, and nail technology among other things.

5. The Ogle School

Located in Dallas, it might be familiar to students who have already studied the famous personalities in the business. This program focuses on making every student successful by approaching the methodology where salons are actually controlled and run by students. You will receive special supervision as you learn, which means that you won’t be shocked to enter the “real world” as a cosmetologist. You can choose between daytime and evening time learning, which is also good for students who have kids or work to manage. The Ogle School also offers career help for graduates. If you would like to focus on the practical side of learning, look no further!

6. Xenon International Academy

It’s one of the best programs to approach for those who want to learn about the fundamentals of Cosmetology by turning to textbooks and working with those specialists who will provide explanations in words rather than with the “just do as I do” approach. At the same time, it’s not the case of learning with books alone as your student’s kit will include technology solutions and various instruments that will help you stay on top of things as you learn. The program itself will have four sections that deal with the discovery of new information, practical experience, creativity, and discussion of ideas that you have.

7. Hollywood Institute of Beauty

This institution needs no introduction as it is Hollywood and it already says enough! Nevertheless, if you want to receive the Cosmetology certification, you will have to pass through 1200 hours of classroom activities. Another great benefit that must be considered is that you can learn in English or in Spanish, depending on your language preferences. The celebrity instructors, the creativity of the course itself, and various innovative tools will help you appreciate this great course. Passing through this cosmetology program, you will feel confident to continue with your career and start with your own saloon.

Addressing Resume Matters

As an aspiring cosmetologist, you should work on your resume and have it available both as a printed out document and online at LinkedIn and Facebook. These days it is recommended to promote yourself on social media by using Instagram, TikTok, and many other popular platforms. Join online workshops, build a network of friends in the business, and remember that you should learn from every experience that comes your way. Listen, show respect, and always take notes as you learn.


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