8 Best Ploys Of Makeup That Makes A Girl Look A Million Bucks


Best Ploys Of Makeup-We use a lot of expensive tools and some of the impossible tricks that the makeup artists want to make you believe them. Companies also wanted to sell their products and want to increase the TRP of their products so that people would love them. But in actual, many do not need to make many of them because there are millions of freeways to improve the makeup routine. There might be a chance to change in the way of applying the concealer. Girls always wanted to look like a princess, or they might want to try out some various techniques of contouring so that you may even beat the makeup queen, Kim Kardashian.

Here we are with eight best techniques which are easy and quick to apply makeup so that you can include them into your routine work.

Apply the concealer in the triangle.

8 Best Ploys Of Makeup That Makes A Girl Look A Million Bucks

Girls usually face the problem of dark circles under the eyes. And hence they do every trick to get them away from the eyes. The best way to apply the concealer under the eyes is to use it in the triangle shape. The dark area gets covered very quickly and thoroughly. You must not use it by applying it in the form of dots all over the undereye area.

Use the lip liner of a dark color to line up the lips.


You must have one dark color pencil or the lip highlighter. You will get the fuller and plumper lips. With this, the center of your mouth gets highlighted. And it is the way by which the natural beauty Kim Kardashian follows to look beautiful.

Blot your lips so that you can go for the extra long-wearing lipstick for many hours.

Girls have one goal, and it is to make their lipstick last for the longest time. After you have applied the concealer or the lip primer, and then apply the lipstick then you need to blot your lips. Blotting is possible with the help of the napkin or blotting paper. Now you need to use one more layer of lipstick on your lips. With this, you are creating one protective coating that will make your lipstick to stay for a longer time.

Use the eyeshadow for the hooded eyelids.


Your goal is to make your eyelids look large. You can achieve this by using the dark eyeshadow on the lower part of the lid. Now you can blend it with the lighter eyeshadow and then top it off with the lightest at the top of the cover. Now, in such a way your lids may appear to be much open than before.

For waterline use the white eyeliner.

Girls want open eyes looking to be brighter and healthier. You can achieve the goal by using the white and nude-colored liner on the waterline so that you can create the illusion of the larger eyes. Your eyes will appear fresh and moisturized with it.

Red lipstick is the best to get rid of the dark circles.


If you want the correct color for the undereye area, then you can use the red colored lipstick for this purpose. If you are using a concealer, then it will brighten up space but it then also cannot get rid of the less grey and tired face. It is the time when red lipstick comes in your handy. It will help your eyes shines less tired, and you look healthy.

Use the eye drops to use them dried out mascara once again.

Eyes drops are quite distinct and are safe for your eyes. You can use the eye drops to reuse the dried mascara by adding a few drops to it. It is free of bacteria and is waterproof. Do not add many drops otherwise; it will fall on your face.

Use the contouring that will suit your shape.

Every girl possesses different facial features, and hence your face needs different contouring with distinct functions. Hence you must find the best one according to your face shape.