Secret Home Remedy To Prevent The Hair Loss


Remedy to treat hair loss-Everyone face problem with hair fall. We feel unfortunate after with the hair. We think they are not the same as before. And when someone who meets us after much time and tells us that you are changed enough due to your hair fall then we feel sad about their talks. Many people had to battle with the hair problems. Generally, I do not allow people to touch my hair because I think if they will then it can lead to hair fall. It is all due to the medical issues faced by us. We do not intake the proper diet and hence results we get at the end. Then we ask other people to help us to save our hair from falling.

Here is a girl who is sharing her thoughts with us because of hair.

She said she had a hectic schedule during her school time. She got busy in performing some activities, but then she never realised that her hair is also essential for her. She should spend some time to make them alive once again. Later she cried for her disappointment with her looks.

Best remedy to treat hair loss

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She was unhappy with her looks and moreover, there was no remedy for her to keep her hair look good again. But then one of her friends helped her as she was concerned for her always. She helped her in the synthetic products to use. But the products were expensive, and so she had to do some part-time job for that.

Best remedy to stop hair loss

No doubt she bought the products for her and then the primary problem was she had to apply them on her hair as given in the manual. Even for her hair, she did that too. And then she thought her hair would get better and her friend asked her to keep on doing the job well. But then suddenly she noticed that her hair had become thinner than before by using those products. Now the appearance was also much attractive. She felt sick and disappointed with that.

Then the girl decided to go for something else as her hair problems worsened than before. She cried for the money she had spent for buying such products.

Best remedy to treat hair loss

The problem of hair fall become worse as she once saw her pillow full of hair one morning. She shouted at herself by looking in the mirror.

But then she felt relieved when her grandmother came to her to prescribe her the best things for her hair. She had a secret hair remedy for the hair that her grandmother also used in her days to prevent hair fall. And she was afraid to use it that then even after her grandmother’s advice she applied on her hair.

You can make a difference between natural and other remedies. You will find that homemade treatment is the best remedy in comparison to others.

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Ingredients required are Yogurt, coconut oil, olive oil, egg and coffee powder. To mix all the ingredients, you need a big bowl so that the elements get stir together correctly.

Add five tablespoons of olive oil to those equal amount of yoghurt. Take a big egg and put a crack on it to open it.

And then eventually, add some coffee powder to the mixture. Stir the mixture properly in a smooth way.

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Well, it is up to you that how much thick the content you want. When the material sticks it stays well on your hair, but when it is thin then it does not remain. But if you don’t want much thick then you can add two more tablespoons of yoghurt to the mixture. 

Also, make it definite that you are not using the instant coffee for the preparation of the mixture. It can reduce the efficiency of the hair mask. So you should be careful while using the products. Use natural things only. 

Divide your hair into the half. It is because the mask should reach your hair scalp. Then divide the half section into other halves, so that the cover gets appropriately applied to the hair. The comb can do the best partition.

After applying the mixture massaging your hair correctly. Massage can lead to increase the blood circulation of your hair. And the mixture gets absorbed by the scalp easily. 

After keeping it for 45 minutes rinse your hair off with the help of ordinary tap water. Apply the mild shampoo to your hair so that the hair gets rid of the content. And hence the results will be in front of you.