Which gender survives in you?


Dominant gender-Color psychology is an important branch of psychology which totally deals with the colors selection. “Colours are the smile of the of nature,” said Leigh Hunt. This world is supposed to incomplete without colors. You can imagine what would happen if there had no colors. Forget about imagination, you can just see the old movies as they were only black and white. There were no colors in those movies. How they looked like, just incomplete.

Although the plot was very good, story, script, and acting of the characters was very good still it was not so complete. The things became happy and wise when they were filled with colors. It seems like the world has always waited for the colors. Nature has decided the identity of every little thing in the world by giving a particular shade of color and we will have to say that we cannot be happy and satisfied ever in lack of the colors. There is a test named “The Colour Test” which was introduced by Doctor Max Luscher.

Max was a Swiss psychologist who discovered the color test to find out the actual nature of the human being. The test is based on color choice. The persons are given various kinds of colors and they have to pick according to their wish.The colors have their own criteria to be chosen as men choose different shades and women choose something else. Thus there is an intense connection between colors and gender. Basically, men and women are associated with the certain shades like men prefer the shades of blue, grey even orange but the women are supposed to fall for the dark shades of pink, yellow, red and maroon. Colors decide the perception of a person whether he/she is negative or positive. Also, if you do not pick the color according to your gender,

it shows the rebellion aspect of your gender as you are not so in love with what you are provided. Nancy Reagan shares an opinion, “To my young friends out there: Life can be great, but not when you can’t see it. So, open your eyes to life: to see it in the vivid colors that God gave us as a precious gift to His children, to enjoy life to the fullest and to make it count. Say yes to your life.”

So, do you have an eagerness to find out the genuine aspect of gender in you? I guess that you will be wanting to know almost, so here we go.

Dominant gender

Here, we are going to reveal what your dominant gender in you-

  • You choose the first shade

Yeah, it is really beautiful and if you are male, you should be happy as this is showing your male gender to be dominant. Being a woman, if you choose this shade, it reveals that you like some kind of masculine things. Don’t get us wrong because it is not to tell you something bad.

The color selection and gender are connected in psychological terms rather biological aspects. You are no doubt what you are but we are here only to test what your psychological perception of gender is. So, let’s get started from the point where we left off, yeah if you select the very first shade of blue, it means your male gender is dominant

  •  You choose the middle shade

What will happen if you choose the second shade of blue? It shows that feminine gender is powerful in your personality. You like the soft and you always try to escape from the harsh lines. Totally, feminine gender is dominant in you.

  • You choose the last shade

This is the balance stage for you. Psychologically, you are neither dominant in male or female but you show your gender according to the situations. You show both sides equally under certain circumstances.

  • Shades of pink color

  • You choose the first shade

This is the bright shade of pink which almost looks like red and most of the men do not like the red color. Being a man, if you choose this shade, it shows that you are having a feminine side in your personality. Totally, feminine dominant gender is in you.

  • You choose the middle shade

This shade is commonly chosen by both, men and women. If you choose this shade, you are supposedly a balanced personality. Your gender is, what it is.

  • You choose the last one

This is almost chosen by the men. This is the only shade of pink which some of the men like otherwise they do not like the pink color. If you choose this shade, you show that male gender is dominant in you.

  • Shades of yellow

  • You choose the first shade

If you choose this shade, you are showing that the feminine dominant gender in your personality. This is the preferred shade of yellow by women.

  • You choose the middle shade

If you choose this shade, you are supposed to be in an intermediate condition. You reveal your gender according to the situations.

  • You choose the last shade

This is the dull shade of yellow and it is almost liked by the men. If your choice is this shade, you are having dominant male gender in your personality. This is good for men but a bit bad for women, really cool!

This was a color test which we conducted individually. Now, we will see the choice of various color combinations.

  • Choose one

  • If you choose the first

They are an all bright color and as we all know that bright shades are almost liked but the females so if you are picking the first color combination, you are showing female dominance in you.

  • If you choose the second


They are the light or gentle shades of color and basically, light colors are chosen by the men so if you are choosing this color combination, you are revealing that male-dominant gender in your personality.

Now, we will proceed towards the last step of this test. Here, we will provide you a unique piece of artwork. We have to say that both are awesome but you will have to choose one and the selection will tell what you have more inside your personality.

  • Choose one

  • If you choose the first

The first picture reveals an intermediate stage of your gender as you show your gender according to the situation. We mean to say that you always prefer things according to your gender. You like a few things against your gender. This artwork contains the combination of sober and dark shades of colors and that is why there is a stage of equilibrium.

  • If you choose the second

This painting is a combination of dark shades majorly. There are dark shades of color in this painting more than the light one. Dark prefer the choice of the women so if you are falling for this artwork, you are showing the feminine dominant gender is in your personality.

Totally, you can see the dominant part of your gender in your personality. We hope that this color test would have helped you. If you are feeling something different in this, you cannot be considered as wrong because it may happen that you like a proper shade according to your gender but in other cases, you fall for the things which are totally against to your personality.

Exceptions are everywhere and this color test may be an exception in your case but it does not mean that it a waste thing. We assure you that it is an authentic tease and believe us it works properly. So, just enjoy everything and do not perceive wrong about any quality of your personality and try to accept and welcome to all because if you don’t, you may fall in the negative self-perception.