Disney repeated scenes-Many of us have grown up watching Disney Channel. Whether we talk about its TV shows, classic movies or its songs each and every show was the best memory of a 90’s kid. But I bet none of us has ever observed this little trick behind its super hit shows. Disney Channel used to repeat 12 of its best animated pre-existing scenes from the hit classic movies or shows to another cartoon. Can’t just believe that then you must have a look.

1) Robin Hood and Snow White
Remember the famous story of Robin Hood which was created in 1973 and Snow White and the seven dwarfs which were created in 1937? I believe you must have watched both the famous movies in spite of the huge time gap. But have you ever observed these scenes from both movies which are too similar? Just check out this one-

2) Robin Hood and The Jungle Book
A very similar dance scene from The Jungle Book which was created in1967 was copied in the Robin Hood.

3) 101 Dalmatians and The Jungle Book
101 Dalmatians which was released in 1961 also shares similar scenes of the three puppies with The Jungle Book. Just check these two scenes of the dogs and the wolves with the same animation.

4) The Sword in the Stone and The Jungle Book
The Sword and the stone were released a few years ago before The Jungle Book i.e. in 1963. Despite this, the illustrators used a similar scene in both the movies.