Drinking water at the right time-Yes, you read it right, there are certain occasions indeed when drinking water should be avoided. You may have repeatedly been told about the benefits of water, and I’m not here to claim them to be false. In fact, it is vital to stay hydrated as it does save us from some major health issues. Like everything else this fact also has another side of the coin which shows the situations under which water should be avoided, and I am here to list them out for you.

Drinking water at the right time

Right Before Going To Bed

Drinking water at the right time

Drinking water just before sleeping is not recommended at all. Firstly, drinking water just before going to bed may cause an urge to urinate and therefore disturb your sleep. You may find it hard to sleep again. Secondly, at night your kidney’s functioning starts to slow down, which leads to swelling of legs and face. You may be contributing to this if you drink water right before bed.

While Working Out

During exercise, your heart rate and body temperature shoot up, which makes you want to chug more water down than needed. This is quite unhealthy as drinking water while working out can cause electrolyte depletion, which may end up in headaches, nausea and dizziness. Excess water intake for heart patients can put a lot of pressure on their heart which is very dangerous. Drinking water after exercising is recommended.

 When The Pee Is Colourless

Colourless urine is a clear indication that you are drinking much more water than your body requires. You need to dial down the water intake as you are probably drinking loads every day even when you are not thirsty. Sodium levels in your body may also go down leading to fatal consequences, one of which is a heart attack. Drinking too much water can also cause a dangerous condition known as hyponatremia. This disease has many symptoms such as dizziness, seizures, confusion and depression.

After Eating Spicy Food

After having a hot and spicy plate of momos your may unconsciously reach for a glass of water, but from now on check that. The peppers in spicy food contain capsaicin, which gives you that burning sensation. It has non-polar molecules, the effects of which can be countered only by other non-polar molecules. Water is not the substance that you need to quench the burning sensation.

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Before, After Or During The Meal

Well, this changes everything, doesn’t it? I have been sitting at the table with a glass of water to drink right after the meal, and then this information hits me. The reason for this is that water washes down the saliva which contains many digestive enzymes, and thus leading to indigestion. Drinking water before or after the meal will dilute the digestive juices, again, resulting in indigestion.

If The Source Is A Hose

You should never drink from a hose directly, as it may contain very harmful elements like organotin and antimony which are dangerous for your health. The normal functioning of your endocrine system is barred by organotin, and antimony may cause damage to your kidneys and liver. The element named as phthalate found in a hose may cause certain behavioural changes.

If The Water Has Artificial Sweeteners In It

If you are trying to lose weight, you should avoid water, be it packaged or non-packaged, that contains artificial sweeteners. Such sweeteners will inevitably increase your appetite and in turn cause weight gain.

If The Water Is From Sea

Seawater contains a lot of human pathogenic viruses which when ingested can cause disastrous health issues such as diarrhoea or vomiting. So, if your mouth becomes full of seawater while swimming, spit it out immediately. Also, if you do drink it, you have to drink a lot of pure water to cleanse your body of it.

It is important to know the essence of water, but it is equally essential when to avoid drinking water in particular occasions. I am going to follow all the points enlisted above. Will you do the same for the betterment of your health?