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Wazamba has recently implemented a new system of regular rewards, and the players seem excited about it. However, many beginners are not yet familiar with Wazamba Casino login rewards and other prizes that can be acquired through Missions, so it is reasonable to have an overview of this entire system.

Missions and Challenges

The system of Missions was introduced earlier in 2023. It is designed to encourage the players to visit the casino regularly and reward the platform’s most active users. It includes the Wazamba Casino login rewards and various other challenges the players can complete daily.

These tasks are renewed daily, so the players who do not want to miss out on free rewards should ensure completing them consistently. Thankfully, the challenges are not as difficult: most revolve around playing casino games with real money bets, and the conditions are fairly simple.

Rewards from Missions

Daily missions and Wazamba Casino login challenges offer various rewards to the players. The most common prize that can be acquired through this system is a package of free spins, although its size differs daily. Missions can also provide casino players with free chips, loyalty points, and other benefits.

Expectedly, the value of the rewards depends on how regularly the player completes these missions. Winning a challenge once a week will grant a very small reward, while a consistent weekly completion of these tasks will grant a much more substantial prize.


Another system closely related to Wazamba Casino login rewards is called Achievements. Unlike daily challenges, achievements are persistent and must only be completed once. These challenges are larger than daily missions and require the players to put significantly more effort into completing them. Expectedly, the rewards for completing achievements are proportionally more generous.

The prizes for completing achievements include free spins, chips, loyalty points, Bonus Crabs, and Shop Tokens. The players can see the reward in advance, so they can choose which achievements to chase depending on whether they want to receive this specific prize.

An Improved Exploration Experience

For many beginners and casual players, the systems of Achievements and Missions have become a great opportunity to explore the casino’s comprehensive service. According to stats presented by the operators, most players stick to one specific game genre and rarely try other experiences available in the same game lobby.

Achievements and missions resolve this issue, as the players are now encouraged to try all the experiences the casino has to offer. It has also become an effective tool to promote the latest releases in the game lobby. Previously, it was achieved by offering Game of the Week promotions. Still, it is enough for the operator to introduce a daily task of spinning the newest machine five times, and the players will happily test the fresh release.

It is especially true for daily tasks that offer free spins as rewards since the operator also gets to select the slot machines these free spins will be assigned to. It is in the casino’s power to either select the most popular slots for free spin rewards to make the challenges look more attractive or to choose the newest slots in the lobby to encourage the gamblers to try them out.