Eye makeup hacks-When it comes to make-up, the eyes are the hardest and most essential part. So if you decide to do an eye make-up then be sure to follow the tricks that I am going to provide you with.

If you have absolutely no idea about eye-makeup tricks then just leave it alone because bad eye-makeup will ruin the whole look.

If you still want to go ahead with it and you are new to make-up then my friend you have landed just in the right place. Grab your makeup essentials and let us begin.

How to lift and define your eyebrows?

Eye Makeup Hacks That the Beginners Will Surely Hail

For this step, you need your concealer and the concealer brush. Dab some concealer above and close to the eyebrow with the help of the brush and do not forget to blend it in properly.

Repeat this act for the bottom of the eyebrows and at the end connect the ends on the sides. Be sure to blend the concealer out entirely. This will help you define your eyebrows. Finish it off with some loose powder.

Eye makeup hacks to make your eyes look bigger?

To make your eyes look bigger, you need a white eye pencil or a nude one. Just start with either of them and apply it on your waterline,

and that’s about it. The white pencil will give a stronger impact while the nude one will shift towards a natural look. It will instantly make your eyes appear bigger and hold all the beauty it can.

A tape that guides your eyeliner and eyeshadow perfectly.

This tip is for the ones who are too lazy to pay attention to perfecting that eyeliner and eyeshadow. So for this trick to work all you need is a tape and I recommend a scotch tape than any other.

Before taking the tape anywhere near your face, you need to stick that tape at the back of your hand and remove it once to reduce its stickiness.

All you need to do is stick the tape in a slanting line that starts from just underneath your lower lash and reaches till your eyebrow. Now start applying the eyeliner and eyeshadow and don’t fear about any mess because the scotch tape is meant to give you that perfect v shape to your eye makeup. It will make it so much neater.

Eye makeup hacks to make your eyes appear brighter, wider and more awake?

All you need is your bright eyeshadow palette, some glittery shadow and the eyeshadow brush. Choose a lighter colour for the inner part of the lid and go ahead and paint its way to more brightness.

Now, for the outer line of the lid, you need a darker shade to confine the lighter one in. Then choose a glittery or any other shadow and dap it at the centre of your lid. It will give an appearance of wider eyes.

The last step for this would be to blend the shadow as much as you want. For your eyebrows, you need to highlight the eyebrow bone, and that is the perfect look you have wanted all along.

How to fix uneven winged eyeliner?

How annoying is it that when you are done with all your makeup and end up messing the perfect wing? For this hack, the required items are a concealer, concealer brush and some translucent powder.

Start by applying the concealer from the outer corner of the wing and blend the unwanted. Once you are done with the concealing, you need to apply some translucent powder with the same brush to set concealer in place.

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How to coat the lower lash line with mascara without any clean-up?

Have you also experienced a fit of rage when your mascara wand cannot stay at the right place and slides to blacken everything on your darn face? Well, if you have, then you know what I am talking about and to prevent that disaster there is a hack.

The trick is to place a business card just underneath your lower lashes, and everything will be right where it should be. It will prevent all the clumping up of the eyelashes, and you do not have a big fat black scar to clean up.

How to fix an uneven eyeliner?

Fixing an uneven eyeliner is such a pain and even more so if you have to start all over. However, if you are anything like me you do not apply your makeup a minute before you start getting late. What will you do in a situation when you have a thicker or an uneven eyeliner on the other lash and do not have enough time to start all over again?

For this, all you need is a darker metallic shade of eyeliner (maybe grey or brown). You need to apply it to the uneven mess and then work the blender brush on it. The blend will give you a classy smokey eye look. So that is my solution to fixing an uneven eyeliner without actually having to start over.

How to get the most of the vibrancy from your eyeshadow?

Vibrancy can be added only if you use a primer. So the primer is a key here. You need to apply the primer all over your lid evenly; then you can go ahead having fun while mixing and matching different shades of eyeshadows with each other, as according to your outfit. It will bring that lacking vibrancy to your beautiful eyes and make them look brighter and intense.

So there you have it, beginners, a guide to all the makeup hacks. Use all of these the next time you are getting ready and are ready to slay it with your eyes. Eye makeup is fundamental for the whole look, so you need to get that on point. Share these hacks with your girlfriends and help them achieve a great look. Do not forget to mention what you thought about the article in the comments below. Was I able to solve your makeup hassle? I hope I did.

Stay connected for more awesome hacks, remedies and everything in between. Happy Styling!