This is how finger length can reveal your personality. We never knew that our finger length could say a lot about our personality. Studies have shown that the length of your finger depends on their level of testosterone, male hormones that you exposed in your mother’s womb. It has a direct impact on your personality. Find out about your character according to your finger length.

Finger length can reveal your personality

If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger.

finger length can reveal your personality

If your index finger is shorter than your ring finger, then it shows that you have a charming, charismatic and attractive personality. They are the one who has excellent communication skills, and they are the big risk-takers. They know how to attract people and take the attention of everyone. They feel that if something is not going according to their plan, then there are many other ways to do the task.

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It is the only reason why they can achieve anything. They set high targets and try every way to meet them. Some people feel that they are very aggressive, but the truth is they are not aggressive intentionally, it’s they can’t help it. For this, we can only blame their high level of testosterone.

If the index finger is longer than the ring finger

People who have index finger a bit larger than the ring finger are entirely self-sufficient and confident people. They are good leaders naturally. Also, they are very calm even-tempered, and nothing can make them lose face. They usually don’t take the first step in anything be it a business or a relationship. But once they are in something they take the whole charge. They are the people who have a very analytical mind. Before making any decision, they check all the possible outcomes of every decision. They don’t like to be spontaneous.

If your index finger and the ring finger are of the same length

People who have an index finger of the similar length of their ring finger are very caring, peaceful, well balanced and down to earth personality. They have a very gentle character and they try to avoid any conflict. Uncertain situations make them a bit uncomfortable.

They are perfect friends and always try to help everyone. They are very loyal and faithful to their work, Friendship and relationships. Anyone can rely on them, they have a positive attitude and try to see something positive and good in every situation.