Managing finances and payments is a key part of operating any business. In order to make sure these aspects are performing well, many businesses either tend to hire dedicated individuals or manage things by themselves. Now, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, but there are some drawbacks to it, especially when it comes to big corporations. Managing things manually has more risk of resulting in calculative errors as well as increased workload.

That is why signing up with a corporate payroll service like Flyfish could prove to be a better choice. Flyfish is a global payment company developed with the aim of providing advanced financial management solutions to modern-day businesses. So, let’s see what this specific solutions provider has in store for its global customer base.

Get Multiple IBANs for Your Business’s Needs

One of the first requirements of any modern enterprise is getting a reliable corporate IBAN. Even if the business does not operate internationally, getting an IBAN makes sense, as you could always decide to expand your operations later. Flyfish is specifically known for its impeccable IBAN services. It provides customers with a convenient international bank account that they can use to pay and receive from any country without any problems.

Not only this but after some recent updates, this financial management service now has the facility to hold multiple active IBANs. In most cases, getting more than one IBAN can be quite helpful for larger corporations in managing their international transactions. While using multiple online accounts, you can make sure that your payments are made in a systematic manner, whether making payments to suppliers or receiving money from customers.

Corporate Payroll Solutions for Efficient Management

Poor payroll management is a massive problem that a large number of businesses face. They tend to take things into their own hands or fail to hire the right individuals. When you adopt a manual payroll process for your enterprise, there are more chances of payment being overdue and discrepancies with salary. That is why corporate payroll solutions providers like Flyfish are designed. With this financial management platform’s advanced and customizable corporate payroll services, business owners don’t have to worry about any calculative errors in the salary.

Flyfish offers an automated payroll system that users can adjust by themselves. They can set the number of salaries for different employees and the date to execute them. This automation can also be applied when paying partners, making sure they get paid the amount they are rightfully owed. This will not only increase work efficiency but also improve your relations with employees, ensuring they don’t have any payment-related complaints.

Advanced Payment Option That Allows Customization

Flyfish is dedicated to providing modern entrepreneurs with financial solutions that are effective and convenient. Whether it comes to making local payments or doing transactions internationally, this service brings plenty to the table. To help businesses make seamless transactions, the company provides a vast array of digital payment methods. It has many credit card and debit card options that customers can use to make quick and secure transactions.

There are some verified e-wallets available, too, that users can choose from. With this availability, you can now choose a mode of payment that suits your enterprise’s needs. Plus, I was quite surprised by the freedom of using digital currencies for transactions. Flyfish allows users to send and receive payments in the form of various cryptocurrencies. So, if you or your payee prefer making crypto payments, this option might be a bonus for you.

Additional Features to Manage Business’s Expenses

Besides providing business owners with dedicated corporate IBANs and managing their payroll, Flyfish has some additional services too such as managing business expenditure and detecting potential opportunities that could yield profits. It provides customers with debit cards that they can personalize according to their needs. You can set your desired rules on this card, such as setting a spending limit. This debit card gives owners total control of all the expenses and payments within the company.

They can track employee activity on the spot and address any discrepancy without any delays. Moreover, Flyfish helps entrepreneurs identify better financial opportunities to reduce operational costs. This way, it ensures that your business operates in the right manner and is set up for success in the long term.


All in all, I was quite impressed by Flyfish’s financial management services. Its solutions are carefully designed by developers to efficiently manage payments and financial aspects of any business. Plus, the company provides each of its customers with a suitable solution to their problems.

From issuing them multiple reliable IBANs to managing their payroll process with automated technology, this solution provider does not disappoint. It gives businesses personalized solutions depending on their sizes and needs, ensuring they get the desired results.