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What makes an app great? Winning mobile apps should have a friendly UI or user interface, fast loading time and high performance, and highly reliable customer support. Apps are also considered great to download if they quickly adapt to users’ needs and are compatible with a mobile platform.

Since their birth, apps have changed the world and people’s lifestyles forever. Apps are present when you need immediate information. They are there when you need to instantly communicate and connect. Some apps can increase work productivity and simplify daily tasks.

For instance, instant messaging apps have transformed communication from the traditional ways to how they are in today’s world. Thanks to applications like Skype and WhatsApp, people can now communicate in real-time no matter where they are in the world.

Since their conception, there have been several apps have been created. It is actually difficult to count them. So we have searched far and wide to determine five of the best apps you should have on your devices and organized them into different categories. We will admit there are actually more apps that deserve downloading in this day and age, but we are listing down five of the best ones.

5 Great Apps You Should Download

1. Music Streaming: Spotify

Among the most popular apps on Earth, Spotify has around 365 million monthly active users as of October 2021 and approximately 180 million paying subscribers as of the end of 2021, as of press time.

Using Spotify, you can listen to your favorite songs from different artists and singers around the world. The app even allows its users to create their own playlists. It also has the “Discover Weekly” feature that lets people curate a playlist according to what they are interested in. Moreover, Spotify is also the favorite platform for listening to podcasts.

Starting in 2006, the Spotify app has earned its revenues by selling premium streaming subscriptions to its consumers and also through the helo of advertising spots. As a matter of fact, in March 2020, Spotify was named the most downloaded app on iOS platforms in the United States.

2. Security: ExpressVPN

Especially with the increasing complexity of the World Wide Web, the more that you need to have apps like the ExpressVPN app. ExpressVPN is known for its huge network, not to mention being fast, being secure, can unlock Netflix, and everything else, from being able to support torrents to being easy to use. Plus, it also has no serious lagging. In short, this is a quality VPN that can deliver in just about every area.

Its strong set of core features offers multiple layers of protection. ExpressVPN can protect your internet traffic by using its own DNS servers, for example. The high-end encryption technology will prevent even the most advanced attackers from prying on your activities. Having said this, even if the VPN drops, there will be no hassles. There is a top-quality kill switch that immediately activates to block your Internet connection, thereby keeping you safe.

3. Language Learning: Duolingo

From a security app, we move over to an app designed for language learning. If you are yearning to learn various international languages, Duolingo is the perfect app. It has over 300 million users and is the most downloaded education application worldwide. Duolingo has also gamified its learning sessions. This further increased its user engagement rates.

Duolingo offers 98 different language courses across 38 languages. It merges different methods like pronunciation, forming phrases by ordering words, reading sentences, matching images to words, voice recording, and more. In fact, American business magazine Forbes named it one of its “Next-Billion Dollar Startups” in 2019.

Each language course is free. The languages you can learn include French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, German, Turkish, Portuguese, Irish, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, and Ukrainian. Other languages it caters to include Polish, Esperanto, Hungarian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Welsh, Hawaiian, Latin, Vietnamese, Scottish Gaelic, Japanese, Korean, English, and even High Valyrian. Name a language you desire to learn, and the app will definitely have it for you.

4. Online Shopping: Amazon

If you consider yourself a fan or enthusiast of online shopping, you must have the Amazon app with you. Actually, even without this list, the chances of you installing the Amazon app are pretty high.

What began as an internet marketplace for books now sells everything from food and jewelry to accessories and more. Through mass scaling and technological innovation, Amazon has become the largest online marketplace in the world.

The Amazon app is easy to use. It has a search system that lets you filter various items. It also has a number of products and services under its wing, such as Amazon Web Services, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Drive, Fire TV, Alexa, and so much more.

Not only can you browse, search, and view product details, but you can also read reviews as you start to purchase the products it sells. Amazon delivers to more than 100 countries as quickly as three to five days. Whether you are shopping for gifts, reading reviews, simply scanning products, or tracking your orders, the Amazon shopping app provides a new range of benefits than simply shopping on your desktops.

5. Device Locator: Google Find My Device

Without question, everybody is a victim of this: misplaced devices. Thankfully, there are device locator apps like Google Find My Device that will what else, help you find misplaced devices.

Misplacing your smartphone can nowadays be devastating because you use it for several purposes. Plus, there are a lot of personal details and memories saved in it. Google Find My Device is another free app available on today’s market that you must have so you can quickly locate your misplaced phone.

Similar to the other apps on this list, Google Find My Device is very easy to use. Not only can you locate your device with the app, but you can also use it to reset your phone’s code or pin, such as when disabling access to your phone to someone else. From remotely deleting data on the device to playing a soundtrack to locate the phone, this app lives up to its name.

Concluding Statements

As the app market continues to grow, evolve, and develop, users can gain advantage from an increasingly diverse array of accessories and tools.

Digital transformation has been shaping the world, particularly entities that operate online. Missing out on things means disaster. The great apps that you should download and we highlighted right here have leveraged technology to become triumphant across the globe. Apps can make the lives of individuals easier. Apps can take businesses to greater heights.