Check Some Health Problems That You Can Have Due To The Moons Present On Your Nails


Moons on your nails-You all must have noticed at least once the light area at the base of your fingernails. They are called moons or lunula. We all do not pay attention to them and do not notice them ever at all. Women put the nail polish and hence they would never get to know about them.

But the interesting fact is that moons can say a lot of things about your health and also make you aware of the problems that you can have in the future. If they possess the change in the shape, size, and color, then that means you are suffering from some disease and also its severity.

Health problems the moons on your nails warn you about

Health problems the moons on your nails warn you about

But you need to understand and diagnose things ultimately based upon the moons on your nail because these can help you notice the problems sooner and take the actions immediately. Here is the way that your lunula can warn you about some health problems.

Health problems the moons on your nails warn you about

Look at your fingers right now, and you will probably find moons on your nails while others do not. Or one can be more prominent on one finger but not on the other. Here are some of the facts regarding lunula.

1. The moon should not be there on your pinky, or it should be unnoticeable. It is the direct connection from lunula to our kidneys, small intestine, and your heart. If it is present, then that means you are having severe problems.

2. The ring finger has a direct connection to your reproductive system and the lymphatic system. If you do not get the sign of lunula here, then that means you have the problems with your digestive system.

3. The middle finger has a direct connection with your brain. It also connects to your cardiovascular system. If there is the absence of lunula there, then that means you have high blood pressure or the vascular issues. You need a complete checkup for that.

4. If the lunula gets disappear entirely or it gets smaller on the index finger, then that means you have the issues with your small and large intestine, pancreas or some chronic disease as stated by the doctors.

5. If lunula is present on your thumb, then it is good, but it should not cover more than twenty-five percent of your thumb. The moon on the thumb will tell about the working of the lungs and the spleen. In smokers, it is usually small.

Now let know the facts about those who have large lunula. If your lunula occupies the one-third space on your finger, then it means it is large in size as reported by the doctors.

6. People having mostly sized lunula are the primary victims of the cardiovascular system. They will not have a constant rate of their heartbeat. It will cause disruption to them and low blood pressure. Well, we can say that the athletes possess this type of lunula because they do maximum physical activities or those people have a significant size who are highly physically active.

7. But if you people have the small lunula, then that determines low blood pressure or the circulatory disorder. It can be barely seen on someone’s hand behind the cuticle. It can be due to the weak immune system.

8. If your lunula gets separate from the rest of your nail that gives the sign to the issues related to the blood sugar levels and it can also provide the possible development of diabetes.

Some people do not possess lunula and hence they start to panic, but they should not do so. For the kids, it will appear over time. For some other people not having such then it depends upon the structure of their nails.

9. The people not having lunula can be due to its changing color. They must be aware of this. The grey color means that you lack in sleep. It can also be due to the disorders in the digestion and might be potentially having difficulty in absorbing the nutrients.

10. If you possess the white lunula, then that means you are healthy enough that you need not worry about it. White is the natural color, and it must be significantly lighter than your natural skin.

11. If you have the purple lunula, then that means you have the poor blood circulation in your body. It can be due to the lack of oxygen in your body. It may lead to dizziness and severe headaches.