5 Best Shared Facts By National Geographic


Historical places facts-Well, I think nobody is aware of what is there on the topmost point of the pyramids in Egypt. And do you know the fact regarding the preparation of volcanic bread in Iceland? And what are the conditions by which you see the rarest phenomenon in the world? Well, I believe here is the combination of a lot of questions and we plan to deliver the answer for the same. The process by which you will try to look up for the answers can be to boost up your energy. It would make your dream of the same. And hence you start feeling like a pioneer.

It can be the reason why we feel eager to know new things regarding the world surrounding us. Here we are with the planning to maintain a journey to the historical places, wildlife, and the cultural facts that National Geographic has planned to share with us.

5 Historical places facts shared by national geographic

And it is how the top of the Egyptian Pyramids appear to be from the top.

5 Historical places facts shared by national geographic

We name the stone as BenBen stone. It got discovered in the temple in Phoenix. In ancient Egypt, for the people, Phoenix is the symbol of the cyclical season, and you might not believe, but then also it has the power to resurrect and create. Well, the scientists think that the place of the stone Benben was on the top position of the Amenemhat III’s pyramid. In the inscription, it is the prayer that asks for the pharaoh which says to see life again.

If you feed something to the red pepper canaries, then they will change the color.

It is all because of the individual pigment present in the wings of canaries. And hence the feather of canaries will develop the different types of tinges which can act due to the sun rays or even by the food consumed by the birds. The yellow canaries will intake the red pepper. And hence will change its color to orange or the full red. And always remember that the pepper will not harm the birds because it consists of vitamins that are good for them.

The musical composition in the Vatican got performed once in the year, and nobody can copy it.

The two choirs made it possible to conduct the musical composition, and they worked for once in the year. There was a proper guarding of the structure, and nobody could copy it after that. And the secret of the composition was never out revealed for almost 150 years. But then a fourteen years old boy Mozart heard the melody for once. And then he wrote it down, and then he performed the same in front of his sister. And when the news for stealing was ou,t then the boy got an award for playing an exact copy of the composition.

There is a cross-sea beautiful phenomenon.

It is rare and the most beautiful case. The phenomenon is gorgeous when it acts as the two wave system that we see moving in the sea. It would travel at the oblique angles to each other. When you look at it from above, then it appears to be beautiful but never tries to get into the waves because it can turn things upside down. You will lose your way, and even you cannot also try to swim to the shore.

The beard of Tutankhamun fell during conducting the cleaning process in the museum of Egypt in 2014.

It was the burial mask of Tutankhamun which is the symbol of Egypt. It is one of the ten symbols in human civilization. The cover has moved through many wars and the revolutions, but later it got spoilt by the employees during the cleaning process in 2014. It was by accident that it knocked off the beard of the mask. Also, they tried to glue it back, but then it brought them for harming the cover. The condition of the surface became even worse than before. The cheating got revealed in 2016, and thus it shocked all the people in the world.