The fashion world has a long and storied history of Fashion Show Nudity. Usually, it’s purposeful — designers trying to be shocking, hip, avant-garde — but occasionally it’s a wardrobe malfunction, shirts cut just a little too loose, nipple tape just not sticky enough.

Either way, it’s always the kind of thing you’re excited to see. So let’s take a trip through the history of fashion show nudity below.

The Classic Wardrobe Malfunction

Whenever you go racy, you run the risk of going XXX. Sucks for model Marcelle Bittar.

The Side-view

Subtle. Very subtle.

The Wind

You’d think a billowy outfit would be safe from wind gusts on the catwalk. Nope.

The Pop-Out

Any silky bra is already begging for trouble, but a tight-fitting silky bra is destined for disaster.

The Chainmail Bra


The See-Through Top

Back in 2011, for the 35 Anniversary of lingerie imprint Lise Charmel, model Madalina Pica wheeled herself out from the backstage with a marked lack of lingerie.

The Body Veil

UK designer Pam Hogg gives zero shit about full-frontal nudity at her shows. She did a whole show-worth.

The Saran Wrap

Reynolds Wrap is diversifying into the fashion game. Just kidding, but seriously. I’m not sure if we’re kidding or not.

The Topless Celeb

Back in 1992, Madonna was blitzing the media ahead of the release of her Erotica album. So, one of her publicists thought it would be a great idea for her to go exposed on the runway for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s celebrity fashion show in LA.

The Body Paint

Someone tell Petra Nemcova, famed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions model, that this is the most pathetic excuse for bodypaint.

The Brazilian

Brazilian supermodel Fernanda Tavares may be another regular in SI Swimsuit Editions, but when she hit a Los Angeles runway one time, it got the best of her. The worst part? She had no idea and pranced the whole length of the catwalk unaware.

The Pregnant Model

Normally you think models of all people take maternity leave, but in 2012, former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill ambled her way pregnant and buck-naked for Robyn Cole‘s show. Also, just in case you’re wondering, the show was for hats… seriously.

The Very Confident Nudist

Look at the grace under pressure, the fearlessness, the nonchalance. If she knows she’s flashing her tits, she’s super cool about it.


It’s actually unclear if this photo is from a fashion show. Maybe a fashion show for Halloween costumes.

The WTF #2

This was simply called “Breast dress” by Gianni Molaro, Spring/Summer 2012…

And The Most Epic Of All These Things: The Runway Streaker

Back in September of 2013, two Ukrainian activists from the feminist group FEMEN rushed the runway for Nina Ricci‘s Paris Fashion Week catwalk show. When one tried to lift model Hollie-May Saker‘s skirt, the 18-year-old British model punched her right it the face.