With artificial intelligence (A.I.), computer systems mimic human intelligence. Machines can also learn from past data without programming. Casinos use this technology to improve their gambling security systems.

The Swedish Gambling Authority regulates gambling safety. They provide tools to keep gambling safe. A.I. can help keep both a physical and an online casino https://cvasino.se/ secure.

Dominic Andreasson, an expert in casino cases for security, discusses the use of this technology below. You can view his profile here.

Physical Casinos

Physical casinos have a security advantage. Unlike online ones, these casinos can record players with cameras and have them closely watched by staff. But these establishments can still improve their security.

What A.I. Does

Casinos can use A.I. to improve their video security. This technology can collect data automatically. Without A.I., this data takes a long time to retrieve manually.

A.I. can:

  • Recognize the cards played, winning hands, game rules, and payout
  • Collect and interpret table game data
  • Detect and track human behavior
  • Determine where players spend the most time
  • Recognize license plates

How A.I. Helps Casinos

A.I. collects and analyses data. This data can improve the casinos.

By using A.I., these locations can:

  • Detect dealer error
  • Optimize labor costs
  • Improve the layout of games and equipment
  • Delegate staff more effectively
  • Know player identity for casino security purposes

Online Casinos

A.I. provides ample opportunities for online casinos. This technology improves both player experience and security.

Player Experience

Previously, online casinos could only track players who had opted into their player’s club. With A.I. technology, establishments can monitor all players through their accounts.

Tracking players improve their experience. For example, the system can learn what games are your favorite and have them readily available when you log in.

A.I. also improves customer service. In the past, casinos used bots that were impersonal. This technology makes bots more personable and customer-focused.


Online casinos can’t use video surveillance, and this puts them at a disadvantage. According to Bjorn Thorson, A.I. can solve this problem.


Players cheating at online casino games has become a common problem. So, casinos use A.I. to stop potential cheaters.

The technology analyses player data and looks for trends linked to cheating. Possible cheaters are then flagged or banned. People have raised concerns that A.I. may flag lucky streaks as cheating. The fact that technology observes patterns over a long period helps prevent incorrect flagging.

Credit Card Fraud

Online casinos often experience credit card fraud. A scammer can use a stolen credit card to withdraw money from an online casino. Some casinos use machine learning to prevent credit card fraud.

A.I. creates a model of fraudulent transactions and then compares real-time activity. The system alerts the bank when it flags fraud.


Casinos have to follow strict regulations. For example, most countries have age requirements for gambling.

Online casinos have a hard time regulating who accesses their sites. A.I. helps monitor players and make sure they meet requirements.

Gambling Addiction

According to Socialnomics Trends, a lot of people have gambling addictions. Casinos have started using A.I. to prevent this problem.

This technology analyses player behavior and looks for addiction patterns. The system alerts the casino when a player shows these patterns.

This alert allows the casino to offer advice to the player. They may also choose to suspend the account.


A.I. improves casino safety and player experience and prevents addiction. When looking for a casino, look for establishments using this technology.