Running a business is no small venture, and that’s why a good, quality marketing strategy needs to be used. In the digital age, we are all required to bring our marketing online, which helps to increase its visibility in the global marketplace. Anyone can access any website from any server, and remote areas are not exempt. Provinces in far-away places such as China may be able to see websites from popular time-honored companies like Avon, LLC or a local restaurant that does deliveries.

Digital marketing tools are essential to the success of your business. These tools can range from helping content creation from scratch to search engine optimization, or SEO, strategies. Other concepts gleaned from here can be social media management, branding, and web development.

Webutation Defined

New terms enter our lexicon every day, and with all things transparent, the dictionary just keeps growing. The latest term is webutation, which seems almost self-explanatory by itself. Think of the time you spend on Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Your posts say a lot to others about your online reputation. If you discuss anything religious or political, you are developing your own webutation. With new arrivals like this, it’s essential to do thorough research, work with digital marketing professional help. In an uncharted landscape, it’s easy to make mistakes that don’t seem immediately obvious. While you may be tempted to opt for the “do it yourself” approach, you should strongly consider outside agencies that you can trust.

When it comes to marketing spending, a small investment, be it into professionals, or paid advertising can be a massive booster for your online reputation. While there is no single formula to tell you exactly how much you should be spending, it’s best to wait until your site is actually starting to earn money, and then invest its earnings into growth.

You Are What You Post

Webutation is everything. It’s something that the world can see about you in just a matter of clicks. Even if you’ve erased a post, there is a possibility that it was shared, copied and pasted, or even photographed by someone’s mobile device. Technology is very slippery, and it has gotten even slicker. Caution and thought are vital to securing your webutation. That said, how does this pertain to online advertising?

The Online Effect: Webutation in Motion

A fast-running and efficient website speaks volumes about your business. Hiring someone with certification and a strong background in front-end and back-end web development is a must. Images, banners, and a message and/or mission statement will cement your initial webutation and help to put you and your business on the map. But it takes the willingness to put up the money needed to find the right company to suit your business needs and to make your online presence a good one.

Customers see what you put out there. The colors, the graphics, and any interactive tools can actually make surfing your site informative, educational, and enjoyable, not to mention that it would save time for users. Plus, the content you create and the interactive graphics you use say a lot about your business and the enthusiasm and passion you have for what you’re selling. When graphics display brilliant colors and the ability to move, that really says a lot about your business.

There is a solid rule of thumb to abide by when considering your marketing or webutation budget – are you losing money, or earning money?

Obviously, you want to earn. For example, while you may be tempted to save and avoid hiring professionals, and make your own ads that you’ll promote through SEM. Consider if you’re confident if that post will perform. Will it make positive impressions? Are you willing to take that risk? You might invest $100 into an ad you made yourself that simply won’t perform.

Meanwhile, you have the option to invest $400 into a company that will guarantee growth, as they will perform market research and expertly craft advertising material. You may be spending $400, but experience a return of $500, which lands you at $100 profit.

While the initial investment is much steeper, you will be coming out on top.

Social Media a Must

Social media links are a must. You can include the basics, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But having too many links may flood your viewers with too much information and can, therefore, overwhelm them. Plus, they can consume too much website space and may affect both loading speed and user experience.

Making content flow is essential for professional presence online and will draw others to view your page. Good traffic is a must and should continue to increase as time goes on.

Cost and Investment: Different Meanings that Work Together

Perhaps when you consider the amount of money you wish to spend on digital marketing, the key should be not the cost but an investment. Seeing it from an investment perspective allows the business owner to figure out how much money they would like to put into advertising. Investment implies what you wish to set aside in terms of the outcome of your online advertising efforts, while cost simply means a bill that needs to be paid. Both are different but can go hand-in-hand: when you invest, you are spending money, but it’s a cost that you, as the owner of the venture, have control over.

Wrapping Up

Unfortunately, there is no set formula that can dictate how much you should spend on business marketing for all types of businesses, but there are some rules of thumb you should consider. Let’s jot down the key points:

  • Consider if your own skillset is strong enough for you to run your own marketing.
  • Think if you’d rather wait until your site is earning some money and traffic before spending on marketing.
  • Look to marketing as an investment, rather than a cost or bill that must be paid.
  • Always think about the return on investment. A more expensive, but reliable solution may be the difference between earning money and losing money.

I hope this article sets you on the right track towards strategizing your business’ marketing. Good luck.

Author: Mary Derosa

Mary Derosa

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